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Amazing Industrial Explosions 03:54

Amazing Industrial Explosions

chemical plant explosion in china, one of the biggest giant explosions I have ever seen. and also some smaller but very dangerous steel mill explosion...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 1,531

compilation Ultimate Fails 02:02

compilation Ultimate Fails

This is some of my favorite epic, fails, ultimate fail, best fails, fails ultimate, crashes, wrecks, and funny video. A compilation of the best other ...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 220

Compilation - Animal Thug Life 06:31

Compilation - Animal Thug Life

note:one part of this video has terrible audio, due to a copyright claim I used youtubes automated feature to remove the audio. Some of the best thug ...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 2,785

Insane Motorcycle Street Racing Compilation 03:37

Insane Motorcycle Street Racing Compilation

These are some of my favorite CRAZY motorcycle street racing videos. links to original videos in the description. these guys are doing INSANE lane spl...

Published 12 months ago • Views: 890

Complation   Best Cat Fights 16:30

Complation Best Cat Fights

compilation cat fights.

Published 1 year ago • Views: 4,446

compilation   the worst bands in the world 06:37

compilation the worst bands in the world

this is just a complations of some of the worst bands i have seen perform on youtube. just had to share it :)

Published 5 years ago • Views: 2,766,262


Joined 5 years ago | 2012-10-28...

This is just a channel that I made to share my favorite videos by category or topic or situation in the form of compilation videos. Got a something you wanna see and I will find it compile it and upload it. I will be trying to add two videos per week. some of the things you might see here are compilations of accidents wrecks, car crashes, motorcycles, hot girls, fails, wins, thug life, anials, vial videos, top rated, video reviews, game reviews and more



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