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White nationalists, counterprotesters clash at University of Virginia
   ABC News
  Published: 6 months ago


Members of the so-called alt-right demonstrated on the UVA campus before police broke up the march, calling it an unlawful assembly. Show more

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2 weeks ago
Mayor tell ANTIFA too that their riots are disgusting! Hypocrite!!

3 weeks ago
Yet it's fine to push Anti-White?

1 month ago
U of R students got quite a show

2 months ago
(((ABC News))) spewing their leftist filth and lies again. Nothing new.

3 months ago
These aren't radicals. they are just law abiding young men who want to right to collectively organize and demand their rights like anyone else. If this were blm or la raza, there would have been no issue. Whites just want to same rights to demonstrate as anyone else.

4 months ago
Extreme right! Really, no they belong neither to the left of the right, they reside on their own dumb ass island. Don't allow people like this to divide our great country, don't give them the time of day or the satisfaction of our news coverage or attention. Whether white or black extremist. They are outliers and represent no one but their own selfish ideals.

6 months ago
ALL lives matter smdh, they use this kind of shit for us to separate...this is the time to do the complete opposite

6 months ago
Like George,I will never forget the 8 glorious years that B.Hussein Obama,Aka Barry Soetoro, SoeBarkah,Harrison Bunell,or whatever that guy's name was,how he brought us all together. Need examples ok,Ferguson,Baltimore injecting race into everything. Man I'm gonna miss him and those riots.

6 months ago
Now that Bathhouse Barry is out of the Oral office,he's back to his Community Organizing,Race-Baiting tricks.

6 months ago
If you believe this Crap,your truly as Stupid as Jonathan Gruber said you were.

6 months ago
We All know College Campuses are Controlled and run Amuck of Liberals and there's nothing like control right George? Imagine the possibility of Controlling both sides?Hmm... Sounds like they gave the protesters room to Destroy like the Baltimore Mayor said.Then denied saying it.Hmmm... ever investigate that George you unbiased and Objective Journalist you.

6 months ago
Looks like Backyard Bamboo Tiki Lanterns from Home Depot to me. Far cry from a Torch.I have 2 of these in my backyard around my pool.Does that make me a racist too?Who purchased these Tiki Lanterns? Did you ask a KKK member if they use Tiki Lanterns that were made in China?Were they all purchased at once? Nah,I think these are Agent Provacateurs,paid to Demonize our Duly Elected President Donald J. Trump and his supporters who won the election.I believe this is a more plausble explanation.Qui Bono? Russiagate is falling apart so you need another angle. Let me know if I missed something.Where's codename Deepthroat when you need him?

6 months ago
Anyone who is a traditionalist is not smart

6 months ago
White people who unite are called "supremacists," by the left and the media, anyone else who unites are called BLM, La Raza, Jews, LGBT etc., etc. The "Left" is the new name of Communism.

6 months ago
Surely leftist ABC wants the entire U of VA to shut down because Jefferson owned slaves?

6 months ago
fuck you all you white separatists go to hell

6 months ago
All this racism and hate has been at a boiling point since Obama was elected. Thus, you got a huge indiscriminate backlash from the white voters installing Trump who is their leader for the white nationalist movement. Now they are embolden to carry out blatant racist activities b/c their grand wizard TRUMP say its okay. Look at the lead of the Alt right, you can see the seething hate from his face. Ask any police profiler and they will point out subtle clues of his facial reaction/twitches to anything that is non white.

6 months ago
White racist full of ignorance is what they realy are.

6 months ago
Impeach the grabber and chief of the divided States of America and lock him and his cronies up Now!

6 months ago
Look at these stupid immigrantes 😂😂

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