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Too NTENZ: A Clusterfest Popumentary - Ep. 1
   Comedy Central
  Published: 8 months ago


Boy band historian Aparna Nancherla discusses NTENZ, the most intense boy band of the late 90s, and plans to get the members to reunite for Clusterfest.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 months ago
Is it weird that I recognized Stamper by his tattered-ass cargo shorts before anything else?

8 months ago
Remember how This is Spinal Tap was hilarious and everyone loved it? Remember how Popstar with Andy Samberg came out and people were like "yeah this is pretty funny too"? This is like if those two movies had a retarded little brother who heard about comedy by reading one buzzfeed article and decided to throw his life saving at it.

8 months ago
Yup trash this ain't anything I don't like this... like Donald trump said on the daily show make Comedy Central great again

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