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This is Mars 2018, Curiosity Rover
   Martian Archaeology
  Published: 1 month ago


Science Results, Hot Springs, and the latest images of Mars from NASA/JPL. Water, Oxygen, Methane, Silica, The building blocks of life. Show more

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9 hours ago
y did not landed on mars??..just go in

10 hours ago
Hasta dan molestia ya q "dicen q hay satélites telescopios q han visto Saturno y se despiden de los mismos y no van ha saber si hay vida en Marte" por favor falsos busquen soluciones verdaderas para la humanidad presente de verdad

13 hours ago

18 hours ago
freemasonic luciferian secret society handshake @0:13

20 hours ago
at 3:37 min looks like some one made the carved stone block.

1 day ago
Who knows what lies beneath the tectonic plates of Earth - buried and reburied for eons. Don’t think Mars has plate tectonics.

2 days ago

2 days ago
'The rocks 'PROVE' that Mars 'MAY' have supported life at some time', really maybe they show an 'almost perfect' fossil too LOL

2 days ago
Sometimes i think that the sientist that do such work are dummer then the avrage human my god what idiocy they sometimes talk abou and why is sience so far behind on the tehnology we use

3 days ago
I saw a putty cat over there.

3 days ago
Ha! The eeire sounds of the first 6 seconds in this video, is taken from the Judas Priest song "Bloodred skies"!! I kid you not. I've heard the song a billion times :D

3 days ago
Wow loads of rocks 😂

3 days ago
Why dont they already remove filters?

4 days ago
When you see the monolith pls don't touch the monolith is because all of my species opponent is there but there are all is a monster and big like a mantis and he can destroy one thing but the problem we don't know the weaknest pls break the monolith the monolith letter color is greegreen

4 days ago
You want to know my other species in under the rock all is hiding there

4 days ago
We see him.

4 days ago
We have a god name is shiva the destroyer of the planet

4 days ago
I lived from mars we have a war and I was shot and I die and then I arrived to a baby I'm color yellow when I was a baby if you not believed talk my mom. Because I'm color yellow I lived from mars I know I lived from mars because my general and commander soul is in my brain this is true no joke. I'm not a liar but I miss mars I want to go back to mars because I want to see my other species

4 days ago
Are we to believe NASA after the MOON FAKERY?? Where is this camera staged, Arizona?? Come on assholes, all money for alleged space travel, manned or otherwise, is in the pockets of the Cabal. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

4 days ago
hahaha ..... what a SHIT for IDIOTs

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