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"Start Acting Like a F**king Republican" - The Hawaiian GOP's Civil War: The Jim Jefferies Show
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 weeks ago


The Aloha State's Republican party is split over Trump, Planned Parenthood and whether the anus is a genital.

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3 days ago
But if he isn't talking about the silence of the lambs thing, wtf does he mean by mangina? I did some googling and couldn't find anything.

4 days ago
You are Right Jimmity Cricket, a one party system is Not right for a republic. (democracy) I would argue we are nether a republic nor a democracy because we do Not jail paid lobbyists that do "there job" and hurt the American people. We The People need to make some important changes to the constitution As Per the Wishes of Our Founding Fathers. It is well stated that the founding fathers wanted the constitution revisited. (Thomas Jefferson's 19 year rule and I quote. "Every constitution, than, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right." Please look it up, we are using our constitution different than intended. Men wrote those great words and men make mistakes, our founders knew this too. #ReadTheDamConstitution

With that said, We have to start counting every vote the right way. #StopGerrymandering

6 days ago
I miss when he was edgy

7 days ago
Jim is the definition of hilarious!

1 week ago
This fucking republican proudly states that his wife is skinny and beautiful but he himself fat as hell. God this people have no sense of irony.

1 week ago
God, Beth is so pretty!

1 week ago
4:49  “that’s when you tuck…I’m a girl I’m a girl…crew, you’ve all done that right?”
This is one reason why Jim Jefferies is God. Calling out nonsense and paranoia from conservatives like Rep.McDermott, while making even McDermott laugh in the process.

1 week ago
Surprised to see Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) at 1:36. A racist Dutch tradition that doesn't seem to disappear anytime soon because most of the Dutch still don't think it's racist.

1 week ago
I like that this ended on a sincere bipartisan notion. We could use more of that.

1 week ago
if the US gets a Unique party country (And that a hilariously HUUUGE if) i'm pretty sure the bickering inside the Democratic party will make it split in two or more soon after !

1 week ago
Thanks to Jim Jefferies for covering this.

1 week ago
There are Hawaiian Republican? That's news to me.

1 week ago
Jesus Christ, Bob.

1 week ago
If that statistic about people joining the Democrats is accurate, We're all fucked. Well maybe not Hawaii.

1 week ago
"Start acting like a F*cking republican"
Let me translate that for you: "Start acting like a brainless yes man and kiss trump's ass"

1 week ago
Loved this video. I am a republican but I hate our current elected officials; We need a reformation in the party

1 week ago
That Quote about Margaret Singer is True.

1 week ago
Welcome to multi-party Democratic system like India where the two majority parties end up in a hung parliament and the third most minority party bullies one of them to make their own party leader as PM. Does that sound good?

1 week ago
Wtf Youtube decided to subscribe me to this annoying channel i will never know. STOP IT YOUTUBE.

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