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How to Build Coca Cola Spy Gun
   The Q
  Published: 3 weeks ago


How to Build Coca Cola Spy Gun

In today's video I show you how to build unusual device - coca cola spy gun! It works on hydraulic and scissor technologies! At first look it seems like a usual coca cola can on your arm, but if you press hidden button it transforms into a cool shooting gadget! You need paper bullets. Full assembly instruction you can fint in this video! Enjoy crafting coca cola spy gun and impress your friends!

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Music: "Essence" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (

"Texas Techno" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (
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2 hours ago

3 hours ago

5 hours ago

5 hours ago
hey Q can you make one for me and delivery it to Malaysia my house number is 66

5 hours ago
Rename your video Making a coca cola spy gun because you didnt show us the steps and materials

6 hours ago
Ironic... Pepsi was beaten by coke... PEPSI FOR LIFE

6 hours ago
ㅋㅋㅋ외국인들 말고 한국인들이 보게되는 영상ㅋㅌㅋ

6 hours ago
Where from you get the idea

9 hours ago

13 hours ago
Wow 😲

14 hours ago

15 hours ago
Cococola hits Pepsi out of his way

15 hours ago
The q the q the qqqqqq

16 hours ago

17 hours ago
Just loving it

17 hours ago
Waaaooo. Good tricks. Contect me WhatsApp +918256814038

17 hours ago

19 hours ago
When you were doing the highlighter part it looked like a tampon

22 hours ago

23 hours ago

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