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First Take debates if Isaiah Thomas' 'power back' comment shot at LeBron James | First Take | ESPN
  Published: 1 week ago


First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate if Isaiah Thomas' 'power back' comment was a direct shot at LeBron James.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
IT not a team player tho he only cares about him self

3 days ago
Man I'm sick and tired of Isaiah Thomas ass he fake as hell. This nigga going to say he think he got his damn powers back. And some weeks ago before the trade he said he don't so in some weeks time period he going to mother fucking say he got the fake ass powers.

Good luck Lakers shiiitttt

3 days ago
where's the sound though?

3 days ago
If it was a shot it should be at Clevleand because it didn't work. Blame the team that traded you when down , didn't even allow you the chance to come back and show you still had it. and then to show they really believed in you they shipped you off, before your pay day and gave you a tribute after winning nothing.

4 days ago
Overrated Damian Lillard players alike NEVER carry their team to Conference Championship Series on their shoulder but Isaiah Thomas did it and who knew what could've/would've happened if he stayed healthy!

5 days ago
Are the Lakers on the Move???

5 days ago
You all shut up, hypocrites !
This man is having hard time , underpayed and all you know is criticism.

5 days ago
What powers? You had like 6 turnovers lost the game to the mavs and still could not keep anything in front of you. "powers" Lmfaoooooo foh

5 days ago
Notice Isaiah said powers they said super powers lol

5 days ago
he got his super ball-hogging ability powers back that's about it the dude had six turnovers that should be the story

5 days ago
Someday it will be greater than lebron

5 days ago
I just seen a comment from somebody that said “I.T is overrated”.

I know it was the 2016-17 but dawg, averaging 28 pts & about 6 asts for a season is “OVERRATED” & finishing 4th in the MVP voting....then yeaaa I’m done wit YouTube commenters

6 days ago
Isaiah is trash on Defense and it was a huge key in the lakers loss during his debut. The Lakers switch on everything the majority of the time and they've been having success with that due to the versatility on the roster and their defense has improved a lot this season. With that being said, IT was getting torched every time he had to switch and/or his teammates were getting burnt when they'd try to help him.

6 days ago
He means that he was in a slump and now he is good again

6 days ago
Can we all take time to appreciate how good this show has gotten with max kellerman there to partner with Stephen A?

6 days ago
Register hug sin totally they part any pick concerning.

6 days ago
Issiah deserves to be happy man after all he has been through its just sad looking at it

6 days ago
All these "analysts" have never even played sports!!! These know it alls are annoying with the LeBron dick riding... Can his statement mean he feels like he is getting his rhythm back? He even mentioned rhythm. Where the fuck is there any indication of LeBron in those statements? He is assessing his game and clearly said he moved on already so please ESPN can you have any other content besides LeBron and the whack ass Cavs

6 days ago
cut The man some slack. He has heart. He played even when his sister passed away. Smh you people on here are ridiculous.

6 days ago
I.t is going to get lonzos starting job and lavar is gonna go crazy

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