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MEDIA HYPOCRISY: Praising North Korea at Olympics! | Louder With Crowder
  Published: 7 days ago


Steven Crowder calls out the blatant hypocrisy of American media and their fawning over North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 days ago
What do you think? Do you really think that the U.S. is comparable to evil empires like North Korea? And what do you make of the left's hypocrisy in fawning over North Korea in contrast to their outrage against the current U.S. administration?

14 minutes ago
You guys should watch the North Korea documentary by vexxed on YouTube it’s really good

18 minutes ago
Gotta say i LOVE the new lighting of the Studio. The well aimed warm-white lights really make this a pleasure to look at. Good job guys!!!

1 hour ago
1:58 did someone take Gods name in vain?

1 hour ago
It's true, USA doesn't imprison, torture or kill millions of its citizens, only millions of citizens from other countries like Iraq :D
But seriously, of course the USA behaves like an empire, and of course the USA does bad things, and yes it's not paradise, but is that really a reason to praise NK and comparing it tu USA?
can't we just be serious for a second and admit the truth : who fucking cares what happens in NK. It's not my country, and if koreans want to change it, that's their problem.

2 hours ago
America is anti empire

While it's still militarily involved in Afghanistan , maintains bases all over the world while giving weapons and money to al-qaeda linked groups in syria.

we also have secret prisons where our leadership even shrugged at the thought of snatching up and torturing innocent people by 'accident' saying: its a worthy sacrifice.



3 hours ago
It was awful... No cats again!

3 hours ago
You're right no one does any research they just what ever is on top of their head
You think you know shit but you don't know shit about shit

3 hours ago
lol that guy at 0:51. "help me!" 'they have my family!" "oh no!, kim is watching!" they just cant hide it, i hope they get freedom one day. XD

4 hours ago
It's commies praising commies

5 hours ago
Kim Jung Un can't do something Hitler did
Hitler was able to run a stable government

8 hours ago
I know that high pitch thing Steven does with his voice annoys my brother so much.. can you do it more.

9 hours ago
In N. Korea women have right to choose. Choose Gulag or choose Gulag . Pro choice? Yes pro choice; early term abortion or late term abortion! So many wiminz right

9 hours ago
I am so sad that ppl r so blinded over their political beliefs. I don’t listen to who is talkin I listen to what is being said. Pathetic and that is me being nice

10 hours ago
im sure north korea is going to kill them for not bring gold home

18 hours ago
Just wow

19 hours ago
You could say we're skating on VERY thin ice this year.

22 hours ago
Well he is the supreme leader.

23 hours ago
I love how the media has gone so far down that Crowder has to step in and waste his time pointing out that North Korea is a bad place

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