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Funny Bears Video Compilation || JukinVideo
  Published: 5 months ago


Bears are probably the chillest animals on the planet (most of the time). Enjoy this amazing compilation filled with awesome bears hanging out, climbing on things, and trying to get into cars!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
Tell me how is that funny 1:24

8 hours ago
i got my dogs a huge bear teddy to fight around with...
one just barks non stop at it...and the other shags it 😐

15 hours ago
Black bears less likely to atk than a grizzley,.. also black bears can be brown but they won't have the hump uptop only grizzlies do

15 hours ago
if you go camping in Colorado always leave your doors unlocked or windows down cause if they cant get in your car they'll break your fuckin window

3 days ago
You must be really stupid to not lock your car.

5 days ago
Some humans are really stupid! [Not locking the doors on their cars]

6 days ago
Where is the honey? Where is the hoooo-neeeey?

6 days ago
Ok, gimme all your food, and no one gets hurt. Oh, no vegetables though... :-D

6 days ago
White people.

6 days ago
Some of those clips are not funny whatsoever

1 week ago
Lock your doors dumb asses

1 week ago
I hope the hunter at 1:18 is hunting racoons, because a recurve bow, let alone any bow is NOT strong enough to ethically hunt a bear with, ESPECIALLY with that tip. If so, that bear should have mauled the shit out of him instead of swiping his bow at 1:29.

1 week ago
I really wanna see one of these imbeciles who are too stupid to lock their car doors eaten.

2 weeks ago
bye bye champ

2 weeks ago
hope that scream girl die of throat cancer

2 weeks ago
01:49 was more scary than the guy getting attacked.

2 weeks ago
Dont you just hate it when bears come in your house

2 weeks ago
4:54 "hey buddy, you wanna come in? :)"
Well okay hooman if you don't mind :)
screams and closes door
:o I thought u said I could hop in :(

3 weeks ago
Opens door
"Hey can you guys give me a r-
Slams door shut

3 weeks ago
That scream at 2:39 😂
And the "shu, bear, shu!" 😂.
Slut. kek

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