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   VitaliUS EN
  Published: 2 months ago


Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science!
My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!
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3 hours ago
Condom coke.... no thanks

4 hours ago
Why a condom dick shaped jello tho??

5 hours ago
seriously? nutella in a coke bottle; not worth the hassle

6 hours ago
Me wondering why the actual f*ck people use condom to make pudding or put drinks inside that f*cking thing. But seriously, why??

6 hours ago
New trend

Now we only use condom to make pudding

9 hours ago
J to condom ha

10 hours ago
Dick Jell-O

13 hours ago
Он отсусил желе из простите гандона?????

14 hours ago
Omg... U would think If u wait a Lil longer through the vid it'll get better.... It doesn't!!!

16 hours ago
I think this guy JUST found out about editing software.

16 hours ago
3:13 "BOI" 😂🤣

16 hours ago
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17 hours ago
powieś się

18 hours ago
The worst

18 hours ago
Want a free subs?
1:sub me
2:like this comment
3:say done

19 hours ago

23 hours ago

23 hours ago

1 day ago

1 day ago
Was that a condom

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