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11 Things You Never Knew About The Earth
   Facts Verse
  Published: 11 months ago


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Narrated by : Darren Marlar
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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
I think it's funny that flat Earthers think NASA pictures are fake because the color of the Earth has changed from 100 years ago. Look up dog breeds from 100 years ago vs now, or horses vs now, or trees vs now or even pollution vs now. Turns out shit has changed over the lifetime of the Earths existence. Retards lol

8 hours ago
No, duh

1 day ago
I knew all of those facts, the title is about things you wouldn't know, not what you learn in school

1 day ago
Had to laugh. Voice says "11 Facts About Earth" yet "10 Fact About Earth" is what we see in print. Then, the authors of this idiot video feel they can "instruct and educate" us about the horrible fate awaiting us in 2066!!

1 day ago
11 facts not 10 facts in the intro; Contradiction between 1 and 7; supposed fact 11 which is an (opinion or theory)....soooo the Earth will become dehydrated in 2066 ??? Nah, I stick with the bible's ending better of a new Earth...

1 day ago
On 13 September 2012 the World Meteorological Organisation disqualified the record for the highest recorded temperature, exactly 90 years after it had been established at El Azizia, Libya, with a measurement of 58°C. The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7°C (134°F), which was measured on 10 July 1913.
Here is their justification for the change:

2 days ago
I thought these were things I NEVER knew about earth not things that EVERYONE probably knows?

2 days ago
Fact 42: Vivid reality is a brain depiction of parts of base reality, the real universe. Base reality is an infinite complex fractal, formed by mathematical laws that cannot not exist, not even in a "nothing". In base reality Earth is flat, and hollow. ;-)
0010110 = . . - . - - . = [ . . - . - - . ] , [ . . - . ] [ - - . ] , [ . . - ] [ . - - . ] , [ . . - ] [ . - - . ] = "Up, In Me, It We, U We"
The second awakening to the living universe. This time in understanding: all is one. Nature following the laws of nature. The universe Self is alive.

2 days ago
OK. You overlooked (and/or under-reported) a few things:
1) The Earth is wherever and whatever I'm standing (or sitting or lying) on, and
2) The Earth is obviously pretty much flat, and
3) The sky is a dome of plexiglass above me through which GOD may observe me (and care where I'm at).

3 days ago
I would like to know where you got this PreSchool information at? There are no facts in this Video.

3 days ago
Boy, was that disappointing. Anyone who passed grade school knows the first ten, and number 11 is just propaganda. "By 2066... the earth will look brown, gray and black." Sure it will.

3 days ago
You should write 11 not 10 in the video Ok next time do it nicely. Look and make.

3 days ago

4 days ago
1000000000/100099999 peapol know what happend to the moon I am one of them

4 days ago
When you run out of video idea sounds

4 days ago
Ok this guy obviously just googled ten interesting facts about earth like if you agree

4 days ago
These are things any human being will know after going to an earth science class

4 days ago
The title said 10 instead of 11....

4 days ago
fact 13 you guys are huge fags

4 days ago
if you knew better , you'll do better ... that's why they tell you all these lies ...

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