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Drunk History - The Wizard of Menlo Park
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 years ago


Thomas Edison builds a movie-making empire by stealing other inventors' creations.

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2 hours ago
How the jews cheated there way to create hollywood  and the sewer pipe of the America minds. Wake up goyim you are being played

2 hours ago
Destroy the USA 'Party in The USA by Miley Cyrus Parody 

17 hours ago
Yo it's Jerry

3 days ago
Edison destroyed Tesla, he's a real piece of shit

1 week ago
Ending was on point tho

2 weeks ago
What's this guy's name

2 months ago

3 months ago
This is so cringey... Do these people just recite what they have "learned" in high school? This is so inaccurate it almost makes me puke! These people did not do any in depth research. This is the reason why drunk people should not talk about history!

4 months ago
Duncan Trussel is the BEST NAME EVER.

4 months ago
Chris Parnell is the best lol

4 months ago
"congratulations, demon"

5 months ago
Thomas Edison; Congratulations, demon

I'm dead....

5 months ago
"They happen to be in the cave of a super advanced monkey species" I paused and let that sink in for a moment. A long moment.

5 months ago
This drunk guy is so freaking great

5 months ago
The more I find out about Edison, the more I think he was one of the worlds worst arseholes of invention. He stole so much, what a talentless moron!

5 months ago
Ha! I lived in Edison, NJ (originally named Menlo Park) for a summer a couple years ago. Shitty town, but luckily i was in the company of my cat. His name is Nikola.

5 months ago
Wow! Edison is an a**hole.

5 months ago
First 30 seconds...golden!

5 months ago
Is that fucking Dr. Drew as the judge?

5 months ago
"He would get poor geniuses, gather them together, and he's like 'just make stuff for me and if it's good I'm gonna say it's mine. Whatever, you're gonna make money so just do it.'"

Huh, sounds like Steve Jobs' idol.

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