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Corporate - A Day in the Life at Hampton DeVille
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


John and Kate chastise Matt for disrupting email protocol, and Christian fumes at his employees when a scandal hits the company.

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Corporate premieres January 17 at 10/9c on Comedy Central.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Just fire the whole cast one by one replaced with comedians from the peanut gallery. Then have the show end with the janiator putting lsd in the water. Then the cast as homless vagrants deemed missing from Louisiana.

6 hours ago
Looks like a much less funny version of "Better Off Ted"

8 hours ago
"We make everything" oh no this is not Abstergo, this is neo Umbrella Corp

8 hours ago
Okay I work for the people like this on you know what my f**** brains out but I laugh at the meaningless part

18 hours ago
This show sucks, It supposed to be a replacement for Workaholics. It was going to be debut during the last season of workholics, but they decided against it.

19 hours ago
Man I swear this is my job.. I really went to college to be miserable... 😥😥

21 hours ago
Well that was fucking depressing

23 hours ago
It will be cool to hear commander Zavala say something interesting for once. Oh and it appears he does in fact have a personality.

1 day ago
Watching this on my lunch at a corporate job. I was laughing with my boss about the BCC part and then hyperventilated about how I might have accidentally done that mistake. I hope this is a successful show so badly because I’m Jake and this is gold.

1 day ago
This is going to be a fucking winner. Can't wait

1 day ago
Lance Riddick is funny as hell.😂

1 day ago
This looks fun

2 days ago
this looks good

2 days ago
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2 days ago
Eight episodes, tops.

2 days ago
That use of the mirrored Abstergo logo is unfortunate.

2 days ago
This is Punk Ideology: The Show. It’s gonna be wonderful. Although I don’t think it will last. People only want the colorful, relationship arc based comedy of The Office.

2 days ago
Looks fresh! Im excited

2 days ago
This actually looks like a proper series to watch

3 days ago
Good to see you again, Mr. Wick.

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