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Awesome Boston Dynamics Robots
   Chill Pill
  Published: 3 months ago


Awesome robots from Boston Dynamics, the robots features Spot mini, BigDog, Handle, WildCat, Sand Flea, Atlas the Dynamic Humanoid and many more.. checkout their robots at

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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 hours ago
Is spot like a pet or something

20 hours ago
Подумаешь! У нас в Сколково наноноски разработали. Захочешь надеть - хрен найдешь.

2 days ago
The need to control the public will accelerate the development of lethal robotics..

3 days ago
по моему мнению. чтобы таких тормозов не было и нужно сократить время подачи электричества в их импровизированные нервные окончания / датчики движения .

3 days ago
Recipe for Apocalypse:
1 x AI ... check
1 x Boston Dynamics(aka Cyberdyne) ... check
Just combine and et voilà --> You have your own Robocalypse !!! ;)))

4 days ago
Machines like this will look for a people who will live in a forests outside the system.

4 days ago

4 days ago
malditas "cafeteras".............

4 days ago
jesus one looks like the robot from black mirror

4 days ago
What needs to be recognized is the genius of the Boston Dynamics team. I applaud your hard work and innovations by creating the algorithms required to make these fantastic machines.

4 days ago
Should give heads to the robots I DON'T MEAN ORAL SEX !

4 days ago
imagine t est sur la route tu voix sa y travers en salto

4 days ago
а тем временем в россии соривнуются в метании лепешок)

4 days ago
1:56 if I saw this if run for my life

4 days ago
Father God in Heaven... Am I the only person here after witnessing this who is absolutely HORRIFIED?!?

4 days ago

4 days ago
The world is moving forward we are jus watching

4 days ago
4:50 is like a G.I Unit from Call of Duty Black Ops 3

4 days ago
Time travel at 1:12 to 1:13 ...

4 days ago

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