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Broad City - Eight F**king Thousand Dollars
   Comedy Central
  Published: 4 years ago


Abbi and Ilana take care of some serious banking business.

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3 days ago
I pretty much forced my friend to watch this clip when said that she had no idea what Broad City was! #sheltered

1 month ago
“Low Funds Alert” I’m dead lol 😝

2 months ago
That's me

3 months ago
Why do not I have such crazy cool friends?!?!?:(

3 months ago
The best part is how they didn't feel the need to do blackface to imitate Missy Elliot, and it was still funny.

4 months ago
When you cash your check lol

4 months ago
I don't get this show, how is it funny?

4 months ago
Illana so does it for me. Those eyes just pull me in every time! (The boobs work too.) I saw a gal at a party like her but she was spoken for. So jealous!

4 months ago
Laughing my ass off with this

5 months ago

6 months ago
Literally any time I have a little bit of extra money I say it's "8 fucking thousand dollars".

6 months ago
@1:11 haha why the fuck was the security guard not wearing pants

6 months ago

6 months ago
Me on pay day

7 months ago
this is such a great show!

8 months ago
Should be titled "Started from the bottom-Drake"

8 months ago
TThis is the niceist movieeee i ever seeе!!! I adviseeе еverуbоoооdу to watch it :)

8 months ago
This is one of those shows that I can re-watch every episode of every season and never get tired.... Some of my friends are concerned for me tho so maybe I need a new season

8 months ago
100 percent better than the drake video

9 months ago

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