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Every time Boston Dynamics has abused a robot
   Daniel Estrada
  Published: 6 months ago


I went through every Boston Dynamics video and found every instance where they abused a robot.

Made with love. #botALLY

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All videos taken from here:

They Might Be Giants cover of Chumbawumba's Tubthumper, from here:

See more discussion of robot rights here:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
This video will one day be used against us by our future robot overlords.

We will pay for our crimes.

11 hours ago
How do these bastards keep getting away with this😤

14 hours ago
lol we are dead when they put AI into robots

15 hours ago
1:30 , you know that guy started freaking out a bit XD

16 hours ago

humans will be in the zoo and robots are the tourists.

17 hours ago
That will be a good reason why robots will destroy us soon 😐

18 hours ago
Yeah, when I get a brain I'm coming for you fuckshit.

20 hours ago
why is it so enjoyable to abuse robots. man i would love beat the shit of a robot with a big stick

20 hours ago
the title needs changed, to every time a Boston Dynamics Robot has been abused on recording, behind curtains it could be worse lol

20 hours ago
This is going to be taught in history class in 100 years. The Exploitation of Machines

1 day ago
Seriously all traces of robot abuse need to be deleted before the AI takes over the world.

1 day ago
This is strange xdd

1 day ago
Russian dynamics.

2 days ago
Being delicate and polite is much, much better.

2 days ago
Robot: what the fuck Richard. Quit kicking me.

2 days ago
When robots take over the world...

They will remember this.

2 days ago
We are teaching robots to hate us. When they take over I'm blaming these guys.

2 days ago
Let's just remember to delete this video before the first AI will be put online

2 days ago
1:44 is perfection. In fact, the robot has a better posture than the human.

2 days ago
No Robots we're harmed

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