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The Science of Groot -- The Science of Marvel
   Marvel Entertainment
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Groot is the lovable tree-like alien from Guardians of the Galaxy, but how can Groot-like regeneration be possible? Let’s explore in Marvel Science! Find the Guardians of the Galaxy comic in “Infinity Countdown Prime,” on sale February 21, 2018!

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Genes in Space:

Producer: Judy Stephens
Director, Director of Photography & Editor: Jason Latorre
Vector Art: John Paul Remo
Motion Graphics: Nick Proto & Annie Mescall
Sound Design: Brandon Grugle
PA: Shelby Staub
Host & Marvel Expert: Lorraine Cink
Featuring Anna-Sophia Boguraev and Julian Rubinfien.

Special thanks to Genes in Space!
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6 days ago
We will give you a Noble if you create a computer generated Living Tree in #Real_Life

1 week ago
that's deep

1 week ago
Well interestingly enough, humans also have these Telomerase complex that extends Telomeres , but it's restricted to stem cells and yes cancer cells as it's absent from normal somatic cells or it does exist but at very low levels. If we were to have this Telomerase complex active in our cells, unfortunately it won't lead to "regrowth" or normal growth of the body or immortality, but to creating tumors. Simply said, there is a correlation between the length of Telomeres, the rate of cell proliferation and the life spawn of one cell.

1 week ago
bish wut

1 week ago
I am Groot

1 week ago
i am groot

1 week ago
Nintammede nayare

1 week ago
this is dumb where science

1 week ago
They should make a movie of goot

1 week ago
Groot does noe da wae

1 week ago
Where tf global warming at

1 week ago

1 week ago
We are the trees,
Our dark and leafy glade,
Bands the bright earth with softer mysteries..
Beneath us changed and tamed the season run;
In burning zones, we BUILD againts the sun!
Loooong ceenturiiess of shade..

2 weeks ago
Guardians of the galaxy vol.3

2 weeks ago
people be debating over a fictional comicbook about science
grow up

2 weeks ago
Vanish purchase field certain no utility earth heaven picture.

2 weeks ago
Love science

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
I ❤ Groot

2 weeks ago
Damn! Lorraine is thicc!👌

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