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Cat's Hate Plastic!: Best Fails of the Week | FailArmy
  Published: 3 months ago


It's that time yet again! Your Best Fails of the Week are here, and we've got some hilarious clips for you today! Enjoy a funny cat that hates plastic, people slipping by the pool and much more! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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Comments Directly on YouTube

23 hours ago
0:42 bloody magpies! They’re like giant, annoying, angry and pissed off pigeons!

5 days ago
4:38 this is quite amazing.

6 days ago
fix the title

3 weeks ago
Cats not Cat's.

4 weeks ago
They’re geniuses. For most of the video they put a cat fail between the regular fails to keep the audience’s attention

4 weeks ago
1:06 Me on PE

4 weeks ago
5:38 me when i do assignments

4 weeks ago
I love how the person with the cat stuck in the back was just like let me go get the camera while my cat dies from running out of breath

4 weeks ago
2:11 Oh no! Some get their father!

4 weeks ago
1:12 average life in usa
1:22 average life in russia

4 weeks ago
If a fail is intentional, then is it not a win?

1 month ago
That goat falling HAHAHAHA

1 month ago
Where the cats at???

1 month ago
context worker ban vacation damage fish disappear cross shoot link.

1 month ago
My Dad to come in and tomorrow I have the same one I can find out of town on the first day is going well for sure everyone knows I will get it to do the only way easier than I thought it would do tonight or I can come to do on my end I was wondering I will be in the office p and we are going to have the first time I've had it on play store and tomorrow is a good time I've seen a lot of my Dad I will be there in the office today so I'm just trying the new year and we are going to do tonight and we can talk about it later and we can go to do tonight so she can get a ride to the airport on the only one

1 month ago
Teenage ethical brown portfolio pitcher less supporter behind push connect mall

1 month ago
Bitch at 1:13 didn't even have a blindfold on smh

1 month ago
Professional concert favor who birthday information bedroom along

1 month ago
If it wasnt for a girls vagina what good would they be to this world really think about it they are totally worthless

1 month ago

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