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Uninformed w/ Bill Burr and Joe DeRosa - Drum Battle Episode (Video)
   Kafka Summers
  Published: 2 years ago


From the extras of Bill Burr's 2008 stand-up DVD "Why Do I Do This?"

With a surprise appearance from "Anthony Curnia"
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1 month ago
Drum battle starts at 10:48.

3 months ago
Bills freestyle ends with 50 ways to leave your lover...yet calls joe out for my name is mud. Lol

3 months ago
Joe just plays a different Primus song in the free style hahaha

4 months ago
This is great. What an awesome episode to have filmed. It's nice seeing Danny as well. Thanks so much for the upload!

5 months ago
I love Uninformed, wish they'd made more of them.

7 months ago

7 months ago
That's like an American Idol audition singing Whitney Houston and I will always love you or some shut

7 months ago
Tf bill you just played good times bad times kinda

7 months ago
Anthony Curnia.

8 months ago
Taylor s.Joe was playing my name is Mudd by Primus

9 months ago
Burr sucks. so does the other guy... Burr is maybe better.... Love me some BB though edit - other guy better. bad but better. he tried a Krupa thing... Bill, you loose! YOU GET NOTHING!

9 months ago
10:47 bill's got a good groove tho

9 months ago
Wow they fucking suck

10 months ago
ol' Billy back freckles made fun of the powwaahh!!

10 months ago
Joe derosa is an idiot

11 months ago
My Name is Mud?

12 months ago
There's one light bulb in the whole room

1 year ago
"i've been a jazz drummer for years..."
-joe derosa

1 year ago
Both you guys need a lot more practice!

1 year ago
My name is mud

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