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   People Are STILL Idiots
  Published: 3 months ago


This is people getting scared compilation Show more

Comments Directly on YouTube

49 minutes ago
3:39 LMFAO that shet funny

49 minutes ago
4:56 when you look at me without makeup.

1 hour ago
0:45 I thought he was gonna say "Get the fuck outta my room, I'm playing Minecraft". lol

4 hours ago

5 hours ago
What's the video at 0:17

6 hours ago
0:19 made me jump 😲😂

6 hours ago
0:08 screams like a girl XD

6 hours ago
1:16 lol

6 hours ago
0.27 I jumped backward 😡😡

7 hours ago
0:45 as RoboCop bad language makes for bad feelings"

12 hours ago
2:46 oh my god... fUCK
I'm dead 😂 and 6:34 haha

13 hours ago
The lizard scared me

13 hours ago
9:35 I know that tune from somewhere.....

15 hours ago

16 hours ago
0:36 derp

16 hours ago
@6:13 she’s a hottie with a great personality

19 hours ago
I won't lie, the glass bridge would get to me as well...

19 hours ago
The sound effects for windows startup made me laugh my face to a purple color! 😂

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