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Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Dubai
  Published: 2 months ago


10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far

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We all dream of being rich and never having to worry about paying the bills. When it comes to being extraordinarily wealthy, we all associate that glitzy lifestyle with Hollywood, executive bigwigs, corporate CEOs, and so on. Thanks to televisions shows like “My Super Sweet 16” and reality programming, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what life is like for children who were literally born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Why gold? Because in their minds, silver would be a budget metal. There are rich kids all over the world, but it appears the rich kids of Dubai live an extraordinary life. These rich kids don’t even bat an eye when they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury cars, gourmet meals, and living the most expensive lifestyle. Because the parents of these kids are most likely working in politics, or own some of the most prosperous companies in the world, the family will forever want for nothing.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Hi everyone, for more "Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Dubai" CHECK OUT this link from our friend at TheTalko

3 hours ago
I don't need to dream because i be living dat life

3 hours ago
I'm so poor

3 hours ago
*patiently waiting for the oil to run dry and laugh in their faces*

4 hours ago
I feel sorry for these people. They will never experience my life. I'm sure they don't have the simple pleasures in life such as cleaning one's own room.

I am content not striving for happiness, but achievement. I compare myself to who I was yesterday, not who other people are today.This is the only healthy way to live, and I am near certain these people do no do so.

5 hours ago
You talk about expensive cars and show a picture of an Audi a1
(A cheap Audi)

5 hours ago
It is wordly, once you start thinking money makes character... you already lost. Yrs, miney buys things that make us happy, but it doesn't make you or build your character. Live a humvle simpls life as much as you can because this wordly stuff is meaningless and confusing.

5 hours ago
Happy with my own life ;)

5 hours ago
I would prank the hell out of them rich brats

6 hours ago
desert dwellers who accidently have oil under the sand. They have no real claim to the riches under the sand. Exxon is the real owner of that oil. Exxon should evict all them desert dwelling mooches

6 hours ago
Dubai was built on slavery.

7 hours ago
I remember I was born and raised in Dubai.....

I WAS ONLY 2!! (we moved to Montreal)

8 hours ago
Just delete the “of Dubai” from your title cuz you only cover an actual Dubai person in the last two min of the video.

8 hours ago
Fuck this shit.Put them in a factory on a 10 hour shift and make a video about it.This makes me SICK

9 hours ago
The wealthy of Dubi are the scum of the earth. We're talking about an Islamic state that still practices slavery and imprisons women if they are raped.

11 hours ago
The video is full of BS. I doubt they even visited Dubai.

12 hours ago
im incredibly happy and lucky enough without been livin that lavish

14 hours ago
STOP adoring this superwankers and EAT THEM ... EAT the fucking rich... They have only money because you do not!!!

15 hours ago
Would my coupons work there also? Anyone knows

15 hours ago
I bet those kids are the most spoiled disrespectful twats.

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