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Black Lives? Manners! - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Kobi Libii expands on Fox News's coverage of an epidemic of African-American impoliteness and introduces a new cause to protect the comfort of white people.

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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper airs weeknights at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.
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6 hours ago
Kobi... you are not a black man! Half dominican at best

14 hours ago
Scolded with murder.🤣

1 day ago
Who else just found out Kobi existed when they watched the Crash Course on Journalism video he did about Stranahan?

2 days ago
Moving forward makes me puke lol 😂

3 days ago
Kobi is the best <3

5 days ago
Been a while since I heard a good Jack the Ripper reference

5 days ago
So they kneel for the national anthem, because they won't stand for a country that has laws that some cops break?

5 days ago
The jack the ripper joke made me laugh

6 days ago
Such a cringe show. Love it lol.

6 days ago
slaves where brought by jewish ships one more crime against us gentiles by the kikes wake up folks

6 days ago
Hi friends
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6 days ago
Really? Parents teach their children manners, Geraldo? Then how is it that so many people don't have any?

6 days ago
He looks like a white guy with a tan

7 days ago
I didn't even realize you were black...

1 week ago
Lol..this is actually good he has his own pace

1 week ago
I guess it's rude to make white people feel uncomfortable. And, it's rude to be ungrateful that white people GAVE you jobs.

1 week ago
Oml, this guy just told oppressive white Americans to go to hell while making the trip sound appealing!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

1 week ago
W h y i s T h e O p p o s i t i o n n o t g a r n e r i n g m o r e v i e w s ? ! ! !

1 week ago
This kid is brilliant. Very talented. Comedy Central keeps finding great comedic talent.

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