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Alternatino - Borderline Racist Girlfriend - Uncensored
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 year ago


Arturo and his buddies talk about dating over brunch and realize all the girls they've been seeing have one disturbing thing in common.

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Created by and Starring Arturo Castro
Directed by Tim Bierbaum

Arturo Castro
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Bowen Yang
Kevin Barnett
Makenzie Leigh
Nik Sandhani

Supervising Producer: Sushil Dayal
Director of Photography: Lane Savage
Production Designer: Amber Unkle
Editor: Charlie Porter
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
Holy fuck lol

5 days ago
Soy boys.

1 week ago
"My husband is Asian like me." And there is no one more racist to Asians than Asians. We think White and Blacks are bad? Asians go truly crazy racist towards each other.

2 weeks ago
The Latino & Arab dudes are hot.

2 weeks ago
Who cares about racism when you have a girl like that

2 weeks ago
Nah fam..straight guys don't high five like that

3 weeks ago
I automatically assumed they were all gay even as they talked about their girlfriends

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
"some real, hardcore mean streets racism ? well one time i went to go see Maroon 5, right ? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!"

hahaha lmao

1 month ago
This is not at all a dude sketch. The lack of comedy is a complete give away that a woman wrote this garbage.

1 month ago
U censor some parts...retards

1 month ago
So maroon 5 is a gay thing?

1 month ago
Ayeeeee the Spanish guy is from Narcos

2 months ago
The guy from narcos season 3

2 months ago
Doesn't he supposed to search for Selcado instead of hang out with those putas??!!

2 months ago
2:03 Uncensored

2 months ago
I thought this was uncensored

2 months ago
That’s the guy from narcos!

2 months ago
Woah. This is crap. Key and Peele is the shit.

2 months ago
the title say uncensored but i hear still loud peeping.

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