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Epic Prank Compilation: Parents Prank Kids
  Published: 6 months ago


JukinVideo presents Epic Pranks: Parents vs. Kids! Watch as these parents get the ultimate revenge on their children! They’ve thought of the most outrageous ways to torture their kids and recorded it for our enjoyment!!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
I know who did the turkey prank. LOL

11 hours ago
The last one isn’t funny. It’s disgusting

15 hours ago
I dont think chickens give birth 😂😂

22 hours ago
the last video was just messed up.. is that suppose to be funny or something??!

2 days ago
In conclusion: Girls are dumb.

2 days ago
1:52 two for one am I right lads

2 days ago
2:01 why are a chicken prigned

2 days ago
It was pregnant!! That girl made my day!! 😂😂

3 days ago
How tf would a chicken be pregnant? They talking shit, cuz it s laying eggs

3 days ago
Defendant: "So, ...yes, Your Honor, I punched my father in the balls."
Judge: "Sounds legit to me. Case dismissed."

3 days ago
That last one could have really hurt that lad.

4 days ago
Omg! A pregnant chicken... Are you relly so stupid, Americans?

4 days ago
Stupid fucking girls thought the turkey was pregnant🙄🙄🙄

4 days ago
3:48 🤣🤣🤣

4 days ago
0:54 Is that a lottery ticket I see....... And an underage gir..... ⊙o⊙ im calling the police xD

4 days ago
The youngest daughter took that pregnant chicken prank like a champ lmao

4 days ago
1:07 He just starts to shake like...."OH NO This is horrible...."

4 days ago
Totally not funny. I hope that car boot opening will fail so You won't play with kid anymore. Kid should put some extra strong glue to keep it close. I wonder if it was so funny if she'd hurt her fingers (not comfortable position to close it).
Thing with duck was just disgusting.
With that spider... if you'd put it on my face I'd probably laugh with my pants full but doing that with kids is just stupid

4 days ago
My uncle pranked me once. He touched me and afterwards he said it's a prank bro ;)

4 days ago
1:03 jesus...that kid never wants to be a surgeon.

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