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Sen. Sanders: Trump's 'shithole' comment appalling
  Published: 1 week ago


Sen. Bernie Sanders responds to President Trump's comments referring to "shithole countries." Show more

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14 minutes ago
Im Austaian, and I have to say that I have never hated the US government than I have under Trump. I thought Bush was a moron but Trump is next level dangerous. To vote for such a drop kick who has made so many mistakes and blunders in his first year shows a lot about what is happening to the US as well. The young generations are becoming the bigots and bogans of tomorrow. Good luck to America but I think this is the beginning of the end for the US and I think Trump is only going to accelerate that downward spiral

55 minutes ago

1 hour ago
CNN= crappie news network! Controlled by the shadow gov

2 hours ago
usually watch trump as entertainment,this morning the 20th of jan,2018, i searched 'latest on trump', nothing new came up,,,am disappointed and went back to bed.

3 hours ago
trump represent the psych of 70% American

3 hours ago
Cnn is a shithole and so are those shithole countries. Get over it

3 hours ago
Some of them don't belong here.

3 hours ago
Waa waa waa

4 hours ago
Trump is the worst

4 hours ago
Funny thing is all of the countries Trump called shit holes are indeed shit holes. I was in Haiti on a government contract three years ago and every single person on my team called Haiti a shit hole. I'm talking doctors called it a shit hole. Until you admit your city country is a shit hole you can't fix it. Haiti is indeed a shit hole it might be the most disgusting place I've ever been in my life and I've been to over 100 countries

4 hours ago
Bernie is a little bitch.

4 hours ago
After Trump complained about not getting more immigrants from the Swedish or Denmark, I'd like to say that Trump ought to take a look at the policies being practiced in those countries. He, and all Republicans, would be appalled if we used these 2 countries as models of government.

4 hours ago
Shithole Sanders!

4 hours ago
bernie going to wish he was back in polland , he going to jail , and that lill cuck thats interviewing him knows all about shitholes

4 hours ago
ya go cnn, go bernie , alakbar

5 hours ago
go king Bernie !!

5 hours ago
So, if Poland isn't a "shithole country", when is communist shitheel Bernie Sanders going to pack and move back there?

5 hours ago
Release the memo !

5 hours ago
Bernie, shut your stupid trap you pompous moron. You sold out to Hillary and let down your supporters. Just shut up you old fool. Maybe you could donate your diseased brain for Alzheimer's work after you are officially kaput. No doubt something worthwhile could be discovered. Pathetic liar you are.

6 hours ago
Bernie, Your own party gave you the 'ol' rope-a-dope. Trump was being accurate! Why are there still 'third-word' ( = shithole ) countries when the UN was commissioned over 70 years ago and is now funded in the amount of 2.7 BILLION dollars per year to correct these inequities. NO ONE in ANY country should be without access to potable water and access to a sewage system.

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