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AP: One dead after car runs into Charlotte protesters
   Fox News
  Published: 4 months ago


Hospital officials say 19 are injured after incident Show more

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2 weeks ago
The fat whore died of a heart attack not the car accident. Get the facts straight

4 weeks ago
Charlottesville NOT Charlotte

1 month ago
It's ok to be white.

1 month ago
Lmao.... the only Shame about this video is that more people didn't die

1 month ago
Racism isn’t the issue, stupid people are the issue

3 months ago
If you're going to be fucking violent in standing for what you want, don't act like a victim when someone does the same thing.

3 months ago
only one dead? Aww

3 months ago
God help our country.

3 months ago
FFS @FoxNews???!! Really? as in 'Clueless w/ Geography' Fox News? YOU HAVE WRONG CITY! Hell, you even have WRONG STATE... CHARLOTTE & CharlottesVILLE are very different:

oh baby Jesus in a manger, you work for a NEWS station? You sure?

CHARLOTTE North Carolina- Mecklenburg Metro Population: 2,474,314
Charlottesville Virginia - Albemarle County 2016 Population- 46,732


3 months ago
They destroyed that Dodge wtf

3 months ago
0:18 That cop can't hold his own ground.

4 months ago
When colonists broke away from great Britain they built this country on three things life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness but let me ask you this is it okay to take away someones happiness just because their different I'm mean we're all different so why only them?

4 months ago
America is over rated

4 months ago
What is it with people? Like does it REALLY matter to you that much about stupid things like a statue and race that y'all have to KILL over it? Grow up. 🙄

4 months ago
Video: Many are injured and killed after car plows into people.
Comment section percentage:
20% Blaming Jews or something about nazis
10% Blaming Trump
5% People say this is a good thing
10% People who realize how horrible this comment section is
25% People blaming some other race(s)
29% Other
1% People who say actually sensible stuff remotely related to what happened

Me: wtf is wrong with humanity...?!

4 months ago


4 months ago
How come the none of the airbags went off? As he's reversing up the street you can see through the windshield. The airbags never went off and the supposed to driver wears glasses and he needs glasses to see yet when you see the driver through the windshield he has no glasses on but he has his hand up blocking his face. Airbags airbags that vehicle is equipped with airbags

4 months ago
America is like a circus. They're so entertaining to watch.

4 months ago
BLM and the protesters are on the same level. Protesting things that could be solved sensibly, arguing the statue doesn't show hate, or levy for oversight on police officers. But they escalated these things into full blown shitfests that ruin their cause and everyone associated.

4 months ago
Charlottesville not Charlotte

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