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NASA Examines Technology To Fold Aircraft Wings In Flight
   NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
  Published: 1 month ago


NASA conducts a flight test series to investigate the ability of an innovative technology to fold the outer portions of wings in flight as part of the Spanwise Adaptive Wing project, or SAW. Flight tests took place at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, using an autonomous subscale UAV called Prototype Technology-Evaluation Research Aircraft, or PTERA, provided by Area-I.

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland developed the alloy material, and worked with Boeing Research & Technology to integrate the material into an actuator. The alloy is triggered by temperature to move the outer portions of wings up or down in flight.

The ability to fold wings to the ideal position of various flight conditions may produce several aerodynamic benefits for both subsonic and supersonic aircraft.

For more information on SAW visit:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
See how it says area 51 of course!!!

14 hours ago
It looks like it has hands

16 hours ago
2:09 Was that penis on purpose?

18 hours ago
2:07 guy has a dick drawn on computer screen

1 day ago
I really thought I would see something like morphing wings wich could change their shape. But this? The Air Force did this with the XB 70 Valkyrie some 60 Years ago. This is nothing special and not impressive at all. Especially with thos big hinges in the wing. With the XB it looked seamless.... again, 60 years ago.... So where is the technlogica advancment? I wanted to see some wings wich woul be made in part of small carbon fibre made robots with some fabric around wich can change their position durng flight thus morphing the shape of the wing as desired... But this... My door works like this..

1 day ago
I hope NASA could come up with a future plane that will let people survive from any kind of accident in the sky.

1 day ago
LOL you can tell I fly when the most impressive part to me is them landing w/o flaps :P

2 days ago
XB-70 Valkyrie did that in the 70´s. Just saying.

2 days ago
this is such a waste of tax payers dollars i guarantee there are private companies that are way advanced in this technology and these men are literally behind the curve and what the hell nasa is suppose to be space stuff let the private aerospace companies do this your suppose to be reaching for the stars, imagine how much money is wasted on this when that money could literally go to protecting our schools or rebuilding our infrastructure or helping the poor and i only say this is a waste cause i guarantee a private company is doing the same thing so why the fuck are my tax dollars going towards this and because its part of a government agency you know that its fucked just like everything else government. less government is better.

2 days ago
The technology already exists. Hit the Pentagon with a jetliner. The wings fold right back. Just ask any reporter who was there.

2 days ago
So is the folding wing for increasing efficiency?

3 days ago
25 35 nasa is shit 45

4 days ago
Smooth! Nice job!

4 days ago
most expensive model plane in the world

6 days ago
Gorgeous and pragmatic engineering! Supercool!

6 days ago
Nasa sucks. The time of space x is now.

7 days ago
careful nasa you are starting to seem less useless

7 days ago
With a budget of around 53 million pr day ..this is what nasa is doing?.... WTF??!!... Why not just invest the $ into exploring the sea...and going under Antarctica?...waste of FUKING $

7 days ago
Some planes carry fuel in its wi
ng right ?

1 week ago
NASA ist a joke

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