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If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench
  Published: 1 month ago


Thank's Armando Sepulveda, Fernando Arroyo, CGSOS LLC & Twize films for "The Big Wave" project (04:03 - 04:08) in this video.
Original footage:
links to their portfolio: ,

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 minutes ago
You know your logo belongs to a lacrosse company

17 minutes ago
I skip to 4:30 and he's talking about magnitude 12 earthquakes around the world... Yeah right buddy

25 minutes ago
humans are no fools, but *&%# happens.

31 minutes ago
this is so fake millions of miles from the Sun cause of a bomb, so what we have blown up bombs before

33 minutes ago
You really idiot

41 minutes ago
not possible, a bit exaggerated

45 minutes ago
Здрасте приехали!

56 minutes ago
Let’s do it!!!! 🤪

1 hour ago
The bad science in this video and the ignorant comments below are discouraging.

1 hour ago
this is a comedy? BULLSHIT VIDEO

1 hour ago
So this is CNN’s apprentice channel. All bullshit all the time.

1 hour ago
Another millennial opinion presented as fact. One must first understand physics, Thermodynamics, etc. literally none of what this video proposed would even come close to happening. The kiloton weight plus depth pressure would be world ending. It’s so theoretically magnanimous that both Russia and the US each have 1 and have both secretly declared NEVER to use them.

2 hours ago
“The pacific and the filipino” wait what?!!

2 hours ago
Sounds a lot like 2012 lol.

2 hours ago
Welp... we’re all fucked

2 hours ago
All about distruction!
Humans are addicted to it and the humanity will perish by their own design!

2 hours ago
Sooooo, we should do it right?

2 hours ago
I’m pretty sure that even a bomb as big as this wouldn’t be able to push earth’s orbit any significant amount

3 hours ago
i like the idea that magma will produce a new continent

3 hours ago
Who the one who fall the 3rd world war nuclear bomb. Us marine or soldier

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