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Alabama Game Winning Touchdown | 2018 CFP National Championship
  Published: 1 week ago


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Intro/Outro song: Logic - Man of The Year
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1 week ago

3 days ago
That's why they say it's not over until the fat lady sings, Alabama didn't hear any fat lady sing. I need your help. If you like my videos and comments pls subscribe. I will subscribe back to you.

4 days ago
Tua looked the safety off and threw a STRIKE. Beautiful the way his head snaps back to Smitty.

4 days ago
Anybody seen or heard from Duke Moose?

4 days ago
Give credit where credit is due. There were 3 receivers right and the QB looked off that safety the whole way. I thought they were gonna throw it deep down the middle too. The sack probably helped because it gave this play time to develop. Great blocking, but amazing looking-off of the safety and a perfect throw. People saying the safety had one job: I disagree. With three receivers right, he was help for one of those receivers breaking deep down the middle too. He watched the QB's eyes and got frozen. He didn't even cheat to the middle and was only a step away from getting to a ball that was on the money. I'm just saying, sometimes the defense blows coverage, but sometimes the offense makes a great play. This was the latter.

6 days ago
Guess who is gonna win next year too bama that's who. The best of the best high school kids who play want to go to the NFL so they wanna go to a college with a proven track record of wins this allows bama to recruit the best of the best cause everyone knows NFL scouts will be watching bama with telescopes cause that's where the best go.. ole miss did land prob the best qb in college that hawaiian kid is a phenom famous In hawaii he is like a Johnny manziel pre nfl

7 days ago
The way I see it, Georgia's cornerback needs to get smacked!! Terrible coverage.

1 week ago
Lol they ran cover 2..... on second and 26. All they had to do was not give up a big game. Why not call Man to man, cover 3, cover 4 😂 anything but cover 2

1 week ago
A Legendary/Classic Bama Tide National Championship Win - Period★☆★☆★☆★☆ - M2.H.B. 2017/2018☆★☆★☆★☆★

1 week ago
Georgia played a great game, they are elite now but Bama is so talented, they are able to replace players and they still tough to beat, it's all about recruiting.

1 week ago
The fuck did he say at the beginning?

1 week ago
I fell asleep I thought this game was over 😂

1 week ago
Georgia should have won, far and square, but no. Nick Saben and Alabama are a bunch of cheaters.

1 week ago
Ref's for Bama. Not a fan of either team.

1 week ago
Tha greatness of Nicc saben decision making brought me here 😎👍
Roll damn tide 🐘🏆

1 week ago
The cb was in cover 2 press and positioned himself to stop the short ball. He clearly expected safety help over the top. The safety was playing more like cover 3 either he thought it was cover 2 man and expected a little more help from the cb, or most likely a little bit of both just got fooled and got drawn inside!!

1 week ago
Too bad for Georgia sorry guys come again (never)

1 week ago
I had predicted Alabama 27 GA 21 yesterday before the game. I wasn't too far off, although I never thought that Alabama would be behind in overtime no less.

1 week ago
Georgia teams are cursed, got the seemingly better teams that can’t finish

1 week ago
😭 we lost

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