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Evidence - Jim Dean and Throw It All Away (Live at Vevo)
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Revered by fans since his days in Dilated Peoples, during the last two decades Evidence has been steadily building an enviable rep in the game. On his own, he’s dropped the acclaimed solo discs ‘The Weatherman’ and ‘Cats & Dogs,’ which included features as diverse as Aloe Black and Raekwon. Now he’s back with perhaps his strongest set of tracks yet. ‘Weather Or Not’ on Rhymesayers boasts strong lyrics and irresistible beats provided by a handful of producers including Nottz, The Alchemist, DJ Babu and DJ Premier. From “Jim Dean” to “10,000 Hours,” it’s a must-hear. We’re celebrating its arrival by having Evidence in our NYC studio, spitting “Throw It All Away” and “Jim Dean” and chatting with Vevo’s Jayson Rodriguez about putting the album together.

Watch Evidence on Vevo:

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez

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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
Since the video of Throw It All Away i realised how hard Evidence if fighting. He looks unhealthy in that video and i was wondering whats up. In more and more interview he´s talking about his struggle and the situation with his family. That guy inspired me back when DP started. And till that day he is a unique and strong character. I hope he´s getting back on track! ALL THE BEST BUDDY! And its great to see he uses the music to speak up and relief a few things! Strong shit!

1 day ago
Love this rapper, never defrauds.

2 days ago
damn EV, better resume each time homie

2 days ago

3 days ago

3 days ago
Aff nenhum br aki e isso memo

3 days ago

4 days ago
Salute Evidence!

5 days ago
69 dislikes

5 days ago
Weatherman 🙌🏼. Fuck yeah. His three solo albums are great. Not to mention Dilated Peoples

5 days ago
Love this album. #WeatherOrNot💧

6 days ago
So much love for Ev for powering through life, and creating something that will last the test of time. A real genuine dude, I remember commenting on his instagram, that one day I wanted to shoot photos with him, he proceed by following up and showing my photography a bunch of love back

7 days ago
Mr. Slow Flow. Ev is one of the clearest rappers on mic of all time. I remember watching him live at fat beats in LA, and being blown away how crystal clear man was, this guy takes his craft so damn serious. You feel every line he spits, and the clarity grabs you to listen to him. CA ALL DAY

1 week ago
Keep it up bruh! Love it. Being humble speaks volumes. 3rd Style sound cloud

1 week ago

1 week ago
Amazing artist. The world has been sleeping on Ev for years. If you're one of the people bumping to Ev since day dot,  congratulate yourself. You're a kinda special type of a person.

1 week ago

1 week ago
amazing delivery

1 week ago
P.U.R.E. & D.O.P.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

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