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Yuna Kim's Incredible Figure Skating Performance - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
  Published: 5 years ago


Korea's Kim Yu-Na made history at the Vancouver Games, setting a new world record points total in the women's figure skating thanks to an exquisite free skate that will live long in the memory of all those who watched it.

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"I don't know why I cried. This is the first time," the new Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-Na told reporters after stepping off the rink. But everyone present at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum Arena understood why, after witnessing one of the greatest performances and most inspirational evenings in Olympic Winter Games history.

The 19-year-old Korean, dancing to Gershwin's Concerto in G, delivered a mesmerising show of elegance and athleticism. She landed an opening triple lutz-triple toe combination, followed by a perfect triple flip and double axel-double toe-double loop, but just as dazzling as her huge jumps were the breathtaking grace, precision and artistry of the performance.

It earned her a colossal 150.06 points in her free programme, for a world record score of 228.56. Kim's artistry was so exceptional that Japan's Mao Asada was more than 23 points behind in second despite landing two triple Axels.

"She didn't miss a step," said Kim's Canadian coach Brian Orser, himself a former Olympic medallist. "She was skating with her heart. I just wanted her to have an Olympic moment. I wanted it to be Olympic and not cautious, not hold back, just go out and embrace the space, and the Olympic Games."

The bronze medal was won by Canada's Joannie Rochette, who, following her courageous skate in the short programme, had the strength to turn in another remarkable performance just four days after the death of her mother, earning standing ovations from the crowd both before and after her skate. After she had finished, the 24-year-old from Quebec put her hands together and blew a kiss towards the skies.

"I feel proud and the result did not matter. It was a lifetime project for me and my mom, and we achieved that," she said, adding: "She was always proud of me. She was my biggest fan, my best friend. She was with me every step of the way."

Small wonder that on such an emotionally-charged night, the once-impassive Kim should be moved to tears.

"Three times," answered Kim, asked how many times she had cried since winning the gold. "After my performance was over and then on the podium. [Joannie Rochette] started crying, and I started crying right with her."

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5 days ago
When you're a yuri on ice fan and you start commentating

6 days ago
Beautiful!!! She"s real version of Cookie Run Skating Queen Cookie

1 week ago
See she got gold medal here because vancouver judges are actually fair and not biased

1 week ago
Hola aq

2 weeks ago
The song is weird

2 weeks ago
watching this in 2018

2 weeks ago
I love ❤️ you

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
let me have engelber humperdinck

1 month ago
How do they not get dizzy

2 months ago
La mejor de la mejor

2 months ago
The best performance ever in this olympic... never get tired of wacthing her Yuna Kim...pride of South Korea....

2 months ago
Mao is my role model and she will always be my child hood but now that she retired I was sooooooooooo sad she will always be my favorite but I watch Yuna because I watched her sometimes when I was 4

3 months ago
Loved these performances, not just for the technical beauty but because they had this brilliant element of fun to them.

3 months ago
Vancouver's unjust judgement!!! she got higher score than many man's skaters.There was that unjust judgement for kim yu-na.

3 months ago
Посредственно)))) .

4 months ago
* jaw break *

4 months ago
oh my gosh your my idol Yuna Kim I want to be a a skater someday

4 months ago
Am I the only one heard the James Bond background music on her lovely performance???

4 months ago

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