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5 Scariest Photos Taken By Nasa On The Moon!
   TheTopMan 2.0
  Published: 2 months ago


The moon is such an amaizing place. That although it is in view of everyone, it is still so unknown.
Our curiosity has led us to investigate, every aspect and every corner of the moon.
But sometimes, when you're looking for something, you can find unpleasant surprises, which may disturb you for a long time.
Next, we will take a review of the 5 most disturbing photographs taken by NASA on the moon.

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2 hours ago
I dont think a nice good would add aliens into his world so i would say almost everybody is saying its an "alien ship" "aliens" or something like aliens

7 hours ago
who here is watching these kind of videos because they are bored

9 hours ago
Now lets ask the simple question! Why are the looking at first colonizing mars? Did they not notice the big moon above our heads? It would seem like a good place to practice!!! But nooooo lets piss off to as far away as posible!!! Is earth fucked and they know it? Has the moon got hostile green pricks on it? Have they calculated that as the earth orbits the sun and gets closer we leave the goldilocks zone and we are screwed? Or do you think the inteligent white people will just piss off and leave the plantet for blacks, muslims, lesbians and libtards? Were do i get a ticket because im over the freeloading totalitarian family hating spastics on this dying rock..

19 hours ago
Did you know? Billions of years before dinosaurs roamed the earth, we had a twin planet close-by. It was our moon. Before, it was Theia. Pretty soon, they had a giant impact. Earth absorbed most of Theia. The rest of our twin planet went out and started to shape into a circled which ended up as our moon.

23 hours ago
I still love my self even though i look like A BURNT CHICKEN NUGGET

23 hours ago
We have NEVER been on the moon, it was all fake.

1 day ago
At the beginning of this video, you show a shuttle launch

1 day ago
The lights could also be studio lights in a staged event

1 day ago
wasted my time watching this!

2 days ago
Those idiots never been on the Moon so all those pictures are fake ...

2 days ago
Nobody has ever gone to the moon. It is impossible. NASA is full of lying cocksuckers. All the moon shit was faked.

2 days ago
A round, spherical shape has no corners. Logic.

2 days ago
with all the technology we are still not able to take clear pictures of space. Why is it that all the pictures are blurry? If we can fly to the moon and back why can't we take a clear picture?? Please explain that to me.

3 days ago
Fake crap

3 days ago
any nut can see things if they look enough , stare at your wall paper for 10 minutes and you can see anything your mind conjures up .

3 days ago
Znaci mogu sletit na mjesec a nemogu se spustiti na isti da vide sta je to nego dobijamo nekakve slike i objasnjenja za iste...ko tu koga??

3 days ago
I hate to say it and I would love to be wrong, but the yanks never went there in 1969, lot of bollocks, just wanted to get one over on the ruskies, so just made it all up, like in that movie, capricorn one, when they staged a Mars landing, fuckin yanky tosspots

3 days ago
what is this

3 days ago
those my fam! <3^w^°^°

4 days ago
Scary is the thought you're still spreading propaganda about us actually landing on the moon LOL just more fake news nice try buddy keep herding those sheep those sheep

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