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Phantom Thread - Movie Review
   Chris Stuckmann
  Published: 1 month ago



Chris Stuckmann reviews Phantom Thread, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
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1 day ago
It was awesome..... didn’t quite understand the ending though

2 days ago
this movie is sooooo damn shitty I cant even

3 days ago
it's such a bad movie. Pretentious acting.

3 days ago
I feel like I was tricked into seeing a movie my wife would have liked...

3 days ago

4 days ago
Dude, you are my favorite critic. I have never really said that about anyone. This is kinda stupid, but things have been tough and I feel alone. Very alone. Just watching you express your thoughts about films and thinking "Holy shit, did this guy read my mind" makes me feel like people aren't as clueless as we seem these days. I am very glad that you are seeing success and I thank you for making great content. Sorry for giving the "Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't callin'" vibe. It was just a tough day today.

5 days ago
This movie is devastantingly BAD. I wonder how they could possibly distribute something like this after having watched it. The script is terrible, the characters have no chemistry and no depth, the music is just annoying and the "vintage"-like photography was an absolute disaster. The performances were also terrible or mediocre, at best. This movie was so undeservingly hyped and it getting even half an oscar will be a disgrace.

5 days ago
Boring film. 1 hour 30 in I was wondering when this film was gonna at least try to live up to "There Will Be Blood". Why am I so naive...

5 days ago
this movie should win oscar and best director and best actor

6 days ago
Hey, why not do a Paul Thomas Anderson filmography review?

1 week ago
I loved the way it ended actually, but I see what you mean, Chris. It did seem slightly abrupt in the way it was executed within the context of these characters. But I thought of it like this: the decisions Alma makes and the emotions she expresses came across in a certain way. Most narratives (or traditionally good ones), the characters take action within the context of their character, which has been well established. But instead of taking this approach with Alma, Paul Thomas Anderson writes her a decision just dissonant enough with who we thought she was, that every action and every small moment of her time on screen re-contextualizes; perhaps even slightly. But I found it effective. And I loved the movie. Keep it up Chris.

1 week ago
You deserve it

1 week ago

1 week ago
No need to exaggerate, Day-Lewis's performance was nothing special , and the filmis absolutely not engaging. There is not a single character that i like in it.

1 week ago
Spoiler: I feel like the ending made sense because Reynolds clearly loves Alma and does appreciate her caring for him but he needs to be brought down (in this case poisoned or sickened) and nursed back to health in order for this to work since his regular demeanor is so taught and high functioning that he’s blind to the feelings and emotions of others, only mistaking it as sabotaging his art and creative process.

1 week ago
Chris, why not an A- though? If there's a movie that deserves one, this is it

1 week ago
no, the right evaluation should be A+

1 week ago
The scene Chris talks about, I was watching that woman thinking where the hell have I seen her before....remember Sammy Jankis wife from Memento!

1 week ago
Congratulations!!! I always check for a Stuckmann review before heading to the movies 🥂

1 week ago
I think this is one of those movies that years from now will be considered a masterpiece and I hope so.
The decision in the end felt natural to me, sometimes you just want to break...

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