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Best Videos Compilation Week 1 January 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 1 year ago


It's finally 2017 and the first Best Videos Compilation of the year! We got a lot a great videos over the holidays including a kid finally getting officially adopted and a hilarious tea whistle prank.

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Original Link:

Dramatic Entrance:
Wait For It...:
Judgement Glare:
Deer Rescue:
Just Denture Things:
Duck Walk:
Self Driving Fail:
Finally Adopted!:
Prosthetic Chug: Submission
Tricked Out Ride:
Spinning Ice On Lake:
Whistle Prank:
Wingsuit Rodeo:
Is This Normal?:
Calm Down:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
1:00 totally can't tell that it's FedEx

6 days ago
That damn Amtrak

1 week ago
8.10 I wouldn't be standing in water if there was water pissing out of the electric socket into my lounge

2 weeks ago
6:46 cecafe machine got a real grumpy face ;)

2 weeks ago
Old News!!!!

4 weeks ago
the adoption one touched my heart

1 month ago
2:26, i don’t know why anyone has ever thought of doing this on Halloween, as part of a costume.

1 month ago
Fuck u fed ex for hiring that moron.

2 months ago
This part of the video is made in Estonia. :) 1:16.

2 months ago
Subscribe to our channel pls

5 months ago
1:08 ...the sound the snow made when thrown O.O

5 months ago
Sound levels for the ending are too high.

5 months ago
I would totally love to have those duck prints in my driveway.

5 months ago
Leave the duck's footprints there - for the next dominant species to find!

6 months ago
That wasn't hilarious :/

7 months ago
0:36 that's obviously FedEx

7 months ago
1:12 that's how they do the transition sound

7 months ago
What a lovely thing to do: kids get teacher a pair of pumps. That's lovely.

7 months ago
7:14, thank me later

7 months ago
the Best picture part was at 8:20 😂😂😂😂

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