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Fascinating Foodies || JukinVideo Top Ten
  Published: 2 weeks ago


This week on the JukinVideo Top 10, we're bringing you all sorts of foodies. In case you didn't know, a foodie is someone who loves food, and these people DEFINITELY love food. Whether it's babies chowing down or competitive eaters busting their chops, these people sure know how to eat.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago

1 week ago
Who tf eats a pizza like that? 1:07

2 weeks ago
what is this music? can't find

2 weeks ago
Oh hey Murica XD

2 weeks ago
Oh man what guys😄
To see more funny stuff have a look at my channel😋👌

2 weeks ago
the last one is disgusting!

2 weeks ago
ewww. Is this legal?! How?! -.-

2 weeks ago
So disgusting like omg

2 weeks ago
You buy subs, I was automatically subbed to your channle after watching this Groce shit

2 weeks ago
The last girl... is every woman on earth
You’re lying if you say you’re not.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
sickening :(

2 weeks ago
disgusting animals...

2 weeks ago
I don't get why this bothered so many people so much. Yeah it was kind of gross but i was impressed by how much some of the people could eat.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
1:07 i can do it with no hands

2 weeks ago
Seriously, how can be competitive eating be healthy? That just cant be good for your body!

2 weeks ago
Im just gonna say it... Jukin, why do you upload disgusting vids. you use to have good funny content but now its gone down hill... has something/someone changed the channel?

2 weeks ago
Watch american people eating is nasty....

2 weeks ago
I don't get the whole " fun in eating ton " idea! Is it that exciting?!

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