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The 32-year-old prince who’s shaking up Saudi Arabia
  Published: 1 month ago


This young prince is transforming Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Listen to this episode of Worldly for more context on MBS' shakeup:
Worldly is Vox's weekly podcast on the most important foreign policy and national security stories in the world


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Mohammad bin Salman was designated as Saudi Arabia's new crown prince in June 2017. Since then, he has rapidly consolidated power and led Saudi Arabia towards some progressive reforms, such as granting women the right to drive. He also has plans to privatize certain segments of the economy, with the goal of reducing Saudi Arabia's economic dependency on oil. These changes, along with a suppression of Saudi Arabia's religious Right, could potentially begin to destabilize one of the Middle East's most powerful nations. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
For more on MBS, listen to this episode of the Worldly podcast from shortly after he held his family hostage at the Ritz-Carlton:

Worldly is Vox's weekly podcast on the most important foreign policy and national security stories in the world.

12 minutes ago
Mr. Everything? I have never heard anyone call him that! And Mohammad Bin Nayef was not forced to step down. There is a media campaign AGAINST MBS. For example, what Western Media previously campaigned for, women taking the wheels, became part of MBS dominance!?
Well, change can make some people squeal. We have seen that as soon as Donald Trump announced his run. Western media has double standards. FAKE NEWS.

21 minutes ago
America is hungry for oil in saudiarabia

48 minutes ago
This report is not fare and why u mad bro????

6 hours ago
The music used in this video says it all about the message Vox is attempting to convey!
Trying to belittle Saudi Arabia, ha? LOL

6 hours ago
Hey people, I live in Saudi Arabia.
Its no easy thing 2 do.

7 hours ago
hopefully oil prices crash

7 hours ago
you can't even visit this backward place as a tourist yet we let them in why?

15 hours ago
وش يقول عنا

16 hours ago
لماذا أحب السفر مع السعوديين؟🇸🇦

20 hours ago
It bothers me having these shots of public places that don't really show truly how it is in Saudi Arabia, rather supporting Westerners' own image than showing what it actually is like. On the other hand, yeah not surprising that the arrests were not entirely or essentially anyway for the country's good, politicians!! duh! Positive changes are taking place but got to admit they are indeed superficial. We'll take what we can get, as no real change can happen without the people being the first source.

23 hours ago
But then again, this video is made by Vox so you might as well just not believe anything they said.

1 day ago
He is a bastard.. son of devil.. all evil is within him..

1 day ago
i guess you could say: no sacrifice, no victory :P

1 day ago
Allah swt going to ask him lots of questions at that time what he going to say.... that i have buy mensions n i try to over rule etc etc....

1 day ago
shooting photos in poor places in saudi like we live in our dirty poor places

2 days ago
I am a Saudi and I haven't heard any thing of what has been made up in this video. " Mr Every Thing" and he spent half a billion on printing 😠 it was a gift and he hasn't purchased a loyal home I swear god these are fake info except he is cracking down the corruption. God be with him . Unfollow gross channel.

2 days ago

2 days ago
good report but not accurate.. he isn't called Mr. Everything he is the crown prince

2 days ago
Must be nice to be that rich

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