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3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks
  Published: 1 week ago


Tobu & Syndec - Dusk [NCS Release]

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
why not putting lights on the spinner to make disco effect

10 hours ago
The music is so annoying
Not watching any more videos, sorry

10 hours ago

14 hours ago
Heya. see Anybody watch bigger than this one !laukhing

16 hours ago
assistant truly sounds like deeply amazingsometimes 8‑d

19 hours ago
He took out the third one so he can have time to show us his cat. If you ask me it was a good decision, concidering, the first 2 lifehacks we're awesome on their own, and the cat is pretty cute.

24 hours ago
awesome ideas

1 day ago
ja polak elo

1 day ago
These r not life hacks they r diy

1 day ago

2 days ago
sweet cat

2 days ago
i argee whit mistake counter

2 days ago
how are you

2 days ago
i subs it ...peasesubs back

2 days ago
MrGear it's not your's.
I can prove it

2 days ago
1:25 is a figetspinner

2 days ago
what the name of the last 2 games

3 days ago
Peeps, proud This vidreally looks heavily baddsvstrategic .

3 days ago
That's a pretty lit fidget spinner 👍🏿

3 days ago
Do you have a cat

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