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Jeff Ross Roasts the Border - Talking with DREAMers
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


Jeff Ross talks with undocumented DREAMers to understand the struggles they face under the Trump administration.

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Jeff Ross Roasts the Border premieres November 16 at 10/9c on Comedy Central.
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23 hours ago

2 days ago
Does Jeff Ross support the Palestinian right of return in Israel. It is actually INTERNATIONAL LAW that Israel is defying. They have a stronger claim than Illegal aliens here.

2 days ago
What part of I-I-E-G-A-L IMMIGRATION do u people NOT understand???!!!

3 days ago
It's great, people who ought to be deported like: killers, gang members and all the scum from the barbarian countries can stay, but dreamers who are ought to stay and be prayed for, will be deported! Complete and total immoral drivel!

3 days ago
Bring back drawn together cc

3 days ago
those are good people sticking up for the dreamers

5 days ago
god-DAYUM she's hot

6 days ago
Holy Hell, I would never have imagined Jeff to be on the side of Dreamers. Kinda awesome!

7 days ago
"She's an American" well no…no she's not. What really sucks is that she didn't know she was undocumented till 18 years old? Seems like a lack of responsibility from her parents.

7 days ago
This video didn't make me laugh once

I did wanna cry tho

7 days ago
Wtf I thought he'd roast them 🙄

7 days ago
Is this a joke? You don’t have a social security number because you’re not American. Blame your mom, not America. Fucking hell. I’m sitting in Singapore right now, I’ve paid taxes, followed all visa laws, I teach their children and have been doing it for years, never would I demand citizenship and then cry about it if I don’t get it. These self-entitled immigrants are disrespectful plebs of our society. Get the hell out of you don’t like it. The door is right over there 👉 🚪

1 week ago
Well I miss Amy Schumer I hate Comedy Central now bring any back please

1 week ago
Undocumented people are bad for the economy.
If employers don't register a worker, they don't have to pay taxes on that worker. And you can't register a worker if they're undocumented.

It has nothing to do with "racism" or whatever, it's just logic.
If you wanna live in the US, or any other country, do it legally. It's gonna take longer, but it's better than living in fear of deportation.

1 week ago
Thank you so much Jeff Ross for doing this show.

Thank you!

1 week ago
Their parents are criminal scum...its their fault, not America's.

1 week ago
We should toss them back out of principal but that wouldn't be cost effective.

1 week ago
Deep, ...roots, american. wtf we all are. great vid!

1 week ago
so any first starts crying and we accept them go back to your own shitholes and stop draging our economy down

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