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Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Sam Jay - The Problem with White People
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 months ago


Sam Jay doesn't have a problem with all white people -- she only has a problem with delusional white people.

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1 day ago
I like her almost as much as all the salty white folks in the comment section. Y’all are the best! 😂

5 days ago
dope comedy bro...

2 weeks ago
The problem with black people is they destroy their own neighborhoods and blame others.

4 weeks ago
Haha, such (((comedy)))!

1 month ago
The problem with black people is they don't understand that they are racist. They don't understand that them being prejudice supports prejudice behavior. Not all black people mind you.

1 month ago
She's great lol!

2 months ago
I can relate. I feel the same way about black people and niggers... Let's just judge one another on an individual basis, shall we?

2 months ago
mann... stand up has gone to shit, gay schtick, political hacks, and just corny

2 months ago

2 months ago
We’re in 2017 and they still think jokes between black and whites is funny

2 months ago
I like her comedy, I want to see more of her. People are just hating because she is a lesbian, which is just sorry

2 months ago
Ha..haha..ha. Terrible stand up

2 months ago
Oh shit!
Sam´s a woman?!?!
Didnt catch it at first due to the funny jokes and her "physique" and fashion sense..
"What the fuck is juice?!" -Dave Chappelle

2 months ago

2 months ago
You fucker got a problem with white niggers

2 months ago
This whole set was legit funny

2 months ago
Reverse this. White man talking down on black lesbians on stage. Riot in 5.. 4...3.. my problem isn't even with the racism towards white people. It's just not funny. At all. And it's not hard to make racist white jokes. How did you fuck that up?

2 months ago
Another ignorant black dindu. No intelligence, no style, no manners.

2 months ago
This was just aggressively unfunny

2 months ago
Lol so fucking accurate. "Be white, i dont care. Just dont be delusional about it, thats whats annoying" 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂 like seriously, white ppl get so confused by everything in their fucking privileged bubble. Open your eyes, read a book, educate yourself. Its not hard. Then again, not surprised inbred honkeys find it hard to read 🙄

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