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How the Right Politicized Roy Moore's Sexual Misconduct Allegations: The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 3 months ago


The conservative media rushes to defend Roy Moore after the Alabama Senate candidate is accused of having sexual relationships with teenage girls.

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1 week ago
I guess no one understands what accusations are.. I can make accusations with no proof but that would be slander rite ? The word accusations and convictions have become one word to all the weak people in this country.. I slapped a tree hugger the other day and it was fun !!! What a savage I am !!!!

1 month ago
“Unless it’s ok with their mothers....” ????⚡️⚡️⚡️⬅️( insert scratched record sound bite ,,).....☄️💥

2 months ago
FOXGOP News. It's not news at all, it's the official propaganda outlet for the political right.
...And Sean Hannity is Trump's personal wiper after he takes a dump.

2 months ago
I think politically, Roy Moore in the senate will be toxic for the GOP. This is like letting Ebola into the body and Roy will be the GOP's Ebola virus.

2 months ago
How hypocritical of right wingers when they denounce Al Franken.

2 months ago
How pathetic is it when people use the "I don't remember" thing.

2 months ago
And now pedophiles want to be a part of LGBT+... Fuck that.

2 months ago
Oh man come on "I don't date any girl without the permission of her mother" Doesn't this sound weird?

2 months ago

hey i am no fan of roy moore's ...but accusations is still something that is not proven...have to be fair.
and dont say..the conservative is just as bad in terms of fairness.. might perceived the other side as the devil

But do you really need to become a devil yourself to justify the other so called ' devil'??

Its like..HE STARTED IT FIRST anderson cooper once said to trump...THAT IS AN ARGUMENT OF A FIVE YEARS OLD...

well..trevor are just flailing this guy before he is proven guilty....GUILTY by the media is the new trend...both sides commit this ERROR.

Be the matured man rather than the 5 year old kid

2 months ago
Go to Church and get forgiven for the sins (crimes don't go away!) Sins can be forgiven not the fucking law. Jesus was not the child of incest, OH excuse me a paedophile!

2 months ago
mr. senator I don't recall

3 months ago
I'm from Birmingham Alabama and here it's just crazy how people support Roy Moore. I have heard out of many people's mouths here that they rather vote for a child molester then have a democrat in office. I'm a huge Doug Jones supporter!! Roy Moore and the people who support him and that's plan to vote for him is a embarrassment to Alabama. We don't need anybody like that in Washington.

3 months ago
I love that low-brow guy at 3:50!!!! Mr Logic!!!!

3 months ago
Maybe Sean Hannity would let Roy Moore babysit his 12 year old daughter, but I wouldn't.

3 months ago
I'm 59 years old and everytime I date a girl I make sure I get the permission of her mother. Maybe I should be in the US Senate!

3 months ago
Is anyone actually surprised that the right-wing conservative christians are defending pedophilia?

3 months ago
Fox News should be illegal to be on the air, since it's supposed to report facts not made up stories. Many people are getting their information and deciding their life from watching them, one example medical coverage!

3 months ago
Nothing worse than a politician pretending to be a good Christian. We've been using that scam to get the limited minds to vote for us for ever.
Mike Pence

3 months ago
There are folks who are in prison for the things this man has been accused of! What up wit dat........

3 months ago

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