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Here's Where Spacecrafts Go To Die
   Tech Insider
  Published: 5 days ago


What happens to a spacecraft once it dies?

When a spacecraft completes its mission or runs out of fuel, it's sent to what NASA calls a Spacecraft Cemetery. Three thousand miles off the Eastern coast of New Zealand and more than 2 miles deep, it's the one place farthest from any land mass on Earth.

The perfect spot to land giant chunks of spacecraft that are traveling more than 180 mph upon impact. NASA predicts the chance of a spacecraft hitting someone out here to be around 1 in 10,000.

Since 1971, over 263 spacecraft from four nations have crashed here. Only the largest spacecraft ever make it here. Smaller satellites burn up completely before reaching the surface.

Next on NASA's list is the International Space Station. It's scheduled for decommission in 12 years to finally take its place among sunken space history.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
when it says the next on the list, I was thinking not iss pls, then there u go its iss

12 hours ago

1 day ago
So yeah they are fuking kamakazing billion dollar peices of trash into the ocean

2 days ago
That's google earth.

2 days ago
Luckily, the fishes can live in the space craft so it won’t get lonely.

2 days ago


3 days ago
What will repla e the ISS ????

3 days ago
There are more spacecraft in the water than submarine in the space.

3 days ago
I hope they actually don't leave that just floating there... I mean anyone can go ahead and salvage some of the remnants of the crafts.

3 days ago
Spacecraft cemetery.. cant you just reuse the materials?

3 days ago
Can I take a boat there and take the very expensive tech?

3 days ago
Umm... who dies in a Cemetry...

3 days ago
This is not a great news -_-

3 days ago
Wait if you just let like a big space craft is that gonna cause a tsunami

3 days ago
Hey guys. Can I hit 100 subs..

3 days ago
Sad for ISS

3 days ago
So why dump it in the oceans and polluting the oceans by radioactive material, rather leave them in space ........

3 days ago
I don't get why people keep saying that this is polluting the earth so much when trash gets dumped in the water every day and no one cares about it. There is nowhere else to put the ship except the most discrete part of the ocean. Can't leave it in space it'll fall back down. Can't find a good place on land chances of casualties would be higher than the ocean. This is just the most logical solution. For now at least.

3 days ago
Ships of space just like Ship of the sea are sunken.... that's how far our technology is so far.

4 days ago
why dint they just add a thruster to the ISS to prevent it from falling

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