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🇨🇦 Canada: Gerald Stanley acquittal angers indigenous groups
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 4 days ago


Canada’s federal government says it could the change way juries are chosen for criminal trials. This comes after an all-white jury made up of 12 people acquitted a white farmer of murder in the shooting death of a 22-year-old indigenous man.

Colton Boushie died after being shot in the head by Gerald Stanley, who said the gun misfired when he was defending his property, in the western province of Saskatchewan, against Boushie and his friends attempting to steal from him.

Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Toronto.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
You loot, we shoot

1 day ago
Let's throw this out there Colten the leader of the Indian posse gang gets 4 people drunk and high tells them in order to get into a gang I need to steal a truck or commit an armed robbery to earn your colors
1st farm failed attempt
2nd farm failed attempt Colten gets shot in the heat of the moment
The other 4 thugs are swarm to stay secret as to what they were doing
Hense the loaded gun attempt theft of truck and quad.
They attempted to rob ms Standley not realizing Gerald and Sheldon were home
They get in the truck to flee Gerald grabs gun they all flee except Colten in driver seat because he's so drunk he has no idea what is going on
Tries to run Gerald over and shots are fired.colten is dead
The rest come up with the cover story of flat tire that has been flat all day.
During trial they come clean and admit to the crime spree

1 day ago
Justice was served in the courtroom but some Canadians believe they have diplomatic immunity.

2 days ago
The media forgot to mention that they were all intoxicated one of them admitted they were going to steal a truck and Colten boushie had a sawed-off rifle on his side of his pickup. What's that there was a rifle in their vehicle which was illegally modified funny they don't mention that🤔

3 days ago
If Native Americans have an Issue with Whites, It would really help their Cause if they stop Procreating with them. The Few "Natives" in this video clearly have European Admixture.

3 days ago
Ah yes, the guy defending his property from a bunch of people on a crime spree is a racist because the guy who got shot wasn't the same skin colour as him. racism is the only explanation that makes sense.

3 days ago
Stop getting drunk and doing home invasions and you wouldn’t have any problems! I like drinking but I don’t drive around robbing people while drinking and that’s why I’m alive!

3 days ago
Colten got his justice..i hope this will be a lesson to his punk assed friends and everyone else!

3 days ago
The other side says that the victim was prone to criminality and I accept that but what I find alarming is that the whole jury was of whites.

What kind of justice is that ?

3 days ago
Here is a suggestion for change: RAISE YOUR CHILDREN TO RESPECT THEIR ELDERS AND STAY AWAY FROM BOOZE AND DRUGS. Why are they deflecting from the REAL PROBLEM? which is bad parenting.... if they had put this much effort prior to this tragedy, perhaps it could have been prevented!

3 days ago
Canadian law allows a home and property owner to arm themselves for self defence. Sec. 25 and 34 Criminal Code. Factors include the possession of a firearm by the suspects. The 5 adults, not kids, were in the driveway for reasons only they know. However, they attempted to steal a quad and a truck. They were committing theft and mischief in relation to their refusal to leave the property as told to do. Sec. 430 C.C. The property owner is authorized in law to physically remove trespassers or thieves, Sec. 35 C.C. A carry permit is not required for a legally owned handgun on your own property in Canada. Stanley fired two warning shots with little effect. The gun may have gone off due to sympathetic nerve response. He grabbed for the car keys and may have squeezed trigger hand. Well known in policing. In the totality of circumstances 5 unknown adults entered Stanley's property with a firearm and were intoxicated. They tried to steal an ATV and pickup while armed with a rifle. They would not leave after warnings and warning shots. Stanley was afraid for his wife's safety and armed himself to protect her, his son and himself. He tried to stop the vehicle by taking the keys, not shooting at the tires etc. When he grabbed for the keys with his non gun hand, he may have squeezed with his gun hand and caused the weapon to fire. It may not have been intentional at all. This happens to police officers, along with loosing track of how many rounds are left in their weapon. There are many documented cases of this however I have not seen any mention of this in the media reporting on the trial. There isn't any direct evidence of racism on either side of this incident other than the inferences made by pundits and special interest groups.
Toronto Sun now reports that one of the members of the jury pool describes the large number of aboriginal people that got themselves excused from jury duty. He also described how many of those folks were openly declaring how they wanted to hand the accused while waiting to be considered for duty. This is why there were no VISABLE natives on the jury. It is not unusual today for people with legitimate aboriginal ancestry to appear light skinned with blue or green eyes. What sort of judicial reform would solve this problem in jury selection? As Denzel Washington said in an interview, the high incarceration rate of blacks in the USA is related to culture, not race. They are not putting 7 year olds in jail. Is that any different in Canada? If race was the deciding factor, why are the Asians jailed in such low numbers?

3 days ago
Two natives showed up on my farm last summer and stole 2 snowmobiles. A few months ago they showed up on my uncles farm and stole their suburban and filled it with guns and knives.... This is in Saskatchewan

3 days ago
Has the angry mother apologised to the Stanley family for her shitless witless thug son

3 days ago
the jury was all white because the indigenous jury's were talking about hanging the farmer and if he goes free hey will take justice in their own hands.... all this because of a failed drunk armed robbery that got one of them killed.

3 days ago
So, Boushie and his 4 friends were both drunk and armed while driving from farm to farm attempting to steal vehicles. He was (accidentally, according to the juries verdict) shot during one attempt. The issue if I am correct is that the family was upset there were not more First Nations people in the jury... That is the story.

3 days ago
Live like a thug die like a thug

3 days ago
They had to leave indigenous people off the Jury because they're racist by default, they believe they are entitled and all others are occupiers. FYI non-natives don't get the verdict they want a lot of times either.

3 days ago
Canada has an independent court system, keep the government out of court, this isn't North Korea.

3 days ago
only people upset are the natives

3 days ago
The guy was armed and trespassing. They also fail to mention his uncle did the same thing years ago and murdered someone. Punk got what he deserved.

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