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US figure skater makes history, landing triple axel at Olympics
   ABC News
  Published: 1 week ago


Mirai Nagasu, 24, did not make the 2014 Sochi Olympics team. Show more

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1 hour ago
Oh,my,gosh! すばらしい (^~^Y

5 hours ago

7 hours ago
She's next to Michelle Kwan :)

11 hours ago
Muito lindo o que estas pessoas são capazes de fazer;

18 hours ago
Isn't she Japanese ?

20 hours ago
i have been born, thats the history i made

20 hours ago
Anyone who thinks most Americans hate immigrants is misinformed.  It is true that Trump and his 30 percent of Americans who support him do hate immigrants and anything they may accomplish (which is disgusting), but most of us embrace diversity and realize that is what America is all about.

1 day ago
America trianed her so she's representing America though she looks Asian.. kenya is black and represented kenya but she's not trianed by kenya.. so it's people's choice.. it's what's in their heart.. so people stop commenting about immigrants.. just congratulate her and rejoice with her.. everything is heated

1 day ago
Good for her!
I guess we all know which country will have more gold medals, now that the russians aren't around🤔

1 day ago
Midori Ito, World, Tonya Harding. Tricks been done.

1 day ago
Midori Ito is like "hold my beer".

1 day ago

1 day ago
where's vincent zhou's recognition for being the first person ever to land a quad lutz at the olympics ?

1 day ago
So happy for this amazing young woman.

2 days ago
But what about the gay skater, NBC, come on - he deserves MUCH more attention for being gay than an actual accomplishment.  Oh, wait - you HIRED him.  LOL

2 days ago
Well done!! That was Beeutiful💞 #ProudToBeAnAmerican🇺🇸 I screamed! Impressive #TripleAxel 😘😎👍👀

2 days ago
Saw it live so amazing God bless her

2 days ago
Wait, I thought Asians aren't Americans..according to your president....

2 days ago
What a beautiful landing too...

2 days ago
I am on a axel:(

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