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A man falling from space to the Earth surface: Live telecast by NASA
  Published: 1 year ago


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5 hours ago
That’s why I drink Red Bull before every skydive. 😏

10 hours ago
this is not possible because astronaut is jump is straightly get into earth. then why the vehicle is also fall with in the man. its fake

11 hours ago
Won't that person would be so scared if I was him I would never do that

12 hours ago
So brave

13 hours ago
It's a bird! It's a plane! Its- OH SHIT

19 hours ago
how the ship its cero gravity and the man fall?

20 hours ago
Plz stop it ra

21 hours ago
Did you see alien shit up there?

23 hours ago
NASA you are TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats with this one!!!!!!

24 hours ago
That must feel shit scary!! Oh my word!

1 day ago
I wouldn't EVER be able to do THAT. And they waltz along and jump FROM SPACE? Oh GOD. That's AMAZING. I LOVE NASA, THEY'RE TOO GOOD. xD

1 day ago
I wanna break this guys do i get into this program

1 day ago
where did he land?

1 day ago
Why he hadn't burnt due to friction?

1 day ago
Who is making video from outside

1 day ago
Who is felix & where'd he get his technology from ??

1 day ago
How does this guy not burn alive falling the the earths atmosphere

2 days ago

2 days ago
It's better for bungy jumping

2 days ago
People who say , there is no gravity in space so its fake...
Seriously, please read some physics before using school level physics.

Gravity is everywhere..... Satellites are always falling and missing
earth , even though they are in space. 0 gravity is different from no
gravity. 0 gravity is just a feeling! Dsnt means there ia no gravity at
all. BTW. Only fear would be excessive heat due to friction but , he
wasn't that High ....
Please not the height. At that height , its almost space.And yes, he
must have felt 0 gravity on the way. To understand this , put him inside
a box and you will see him floating.
Get it !?

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