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Apple HomePod vs Bose Soundlink Mini II • Sound Comparison!
  Published: 1 week ago


This might be a silly comparison but I was curious.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
That’s not max volume on the HomePod. You have to actually tell Siri to to set the volume (ex: 100%, 25%). Set the volume to max on the iPhone and tell Siri to set it to 100%. Way way louder than you think.

17 hours ago
What a joke of a comparison. Both are overpriced. The Bose is easily defeated by a $65 Sony XB20, and the Homeboy by 2 x Sonos One, paired together @ the same price. This demo is another fanboy pushing crApple products. "Apple really outdid themselves with this one." Bahahahaa, what a load of nonsense.

20 hours ago
Pretty unfair video, the Bose soundlink mini is smaller compared to a HomePod, but other than that, the video is pretty good, no lie. :)

1 day ago
Bose impressive?? Uve got to be joking hahahah

2 days ago
Appreciate your video but . . . you need to stop talking so much during music playback. Make the product comparison shine. Not your voice.

3 days ago
It's not a fair comparison, the number of speakers and wattage also since this is a plugged unit vs battery, should have been considered. You also want to consider the homepod is a circular array speaker set vs Bose's front facing speakers. Nonetheless the Bose sounded impressive for its size and capacity. The homepod will definitely win. Sheer number of speakers, size and power with matching DSP.

3 days ago
Not supposed to have HomePod on fuzz. Sound comes out of the bottom.

3 days ago
The bose soundlink mini sounds awesome for its size.
However, mine started ramdomly shutting off while on battery or connected.
Tried everything Bose suggested like resetting and even taking the battery out for a while and putting it back in.

Ended up buying a second Soundlink Mini and also started randomly shutting off after about 3 months.
So, they are basically useless now.

Just ordered a Homepod.

3 days ago
The Bose is three years old, battery powered and 200 bucks cheaper.. There really is no comparison here.

3 days ago
Imagine mixing the bose and da homepid

4 days ago
You couldn't pick up more shitty music? Soundcloud, mixcloud...did you ever heared about it? omfg...

4 days ago
hearing on headphones, home pods sound awesome!

5 days ago
Is this a joke

5 days ago
This not a good comparison against bose. Need to compare with the bose revolve

5 days ago
Not a fair it with a Sono play one

5 days ago
I would never buy anything that even has the potential to spy on me all the time.

5 days ago
Your comparison it’s unfair. You need to use two tiredness with the same physical and technical specifications then you will be fair

5 days ago
bose wins. You cannot compare a speaker from 2018 and bose from jurassic age anyway. Compare Homepod VS Denon Envaya 250  .. and .. smile

6 days ago
Can't compare a portable speaker to a powered speaker. smh.

6 days ago
Hey just wondering do you think using the Apple HomePod in the bathroom will damage the speaker? I see that there is an option for bathroom when setting up. I need a good sounding speaker for large bathroom space. Ideally a smart speaker. thanks. I’m currently using a bose soundlink mini 1st Generation with a towel over it to keep out the moisture. Which this speaker isn’t recommended to be used in the bathroom.

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