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This Is Not Happening - Russell Peters - Adventures in Saudi Arabia - Uncensored
   Comedy Central
  Published: 9 months ago


While working in Saudi Arabia, Russell Peters was asked to do a private show for a prince who introduced him to a very surprising fan.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
Didn't Gabriel Iglesias have a story just like this one?

8 hours ago
Saudi Arabia the biggest terrorist country next to Israel.....

15 hours ago
There was a youtube video with him clowning some Saudi college kids. But looks like they delete it. Wish they would reload it.

16 hours ago
Weird how this kafir can chill in Saudi Arabia but Muslims who go there are treated like slaves or denied citizenship and deported. So much for land of the Muslims.

16 hours ago

20 hours ago
Oh yeah a room full of guys... dancing with themselves...hold me back. 👌😁👍

20 hours ago
Russel has lost it, not funny anymore!!

21 hours ago
at 11:36 the guy behind russell is like, "Imma fucking kill this guy after for this joke "

1 day ago
I really do not care where ppl come from what matters is kindness and their heart. Do not believe everything you hear on the media....

1 day ago
What's with the hipster audience?

2 days ago
So who to what from who? Gabriel or Russell?

2 days ago
i thought osamas brother would say "how's the like it?"

2 days ago
This is just like Burt Kreisher's "The Machine" story and Joe Rogan's bit about the strip club in the woods in Alabama. All really funny stories by great story tellers, but they have no real punch line, so they just end abruptly and ruin what would otherwise be a great bit. It starts off well, builds up good momentum, then goes nowhere. Like sex with no climax.

2 days ago
First time I had heard of him and he was passable...right up until he has to be just another Trump hater. So typical and now I won't have to ever hear him again.

2 days ago
Comeon, who da fuq wants to look at the back of the comedians head, the face and expressions are a big part of it.
What kind of shit setup is this that the person with the mic isn't facing the audience

3 days ago
This is so not respectful. He’s making fun of a country who’s hosted him and respected him. This is not stand up comedy it’s making fun of people’s culture.

3 days ago
Wait so does the prince have an accent or nah?

3 days ago
lmaoooo I love this guy! (i mean who doesn't?).

3 days ago
boy, this guy got fat, nice second chin you are sporting their pal.

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