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Best Videos Compilation Week 3 March 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 10 months ago


This week's best videos of the week include a couple of brothers who hate bedtime, a biker's new way of clearing out the bike lane and many hold my beer moments! Enjoy this amazing compilation and the rest of your week!

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Personal Cheer Squad:
What A Polite Biker:
Better Than The Gym:
I Saw A Dog Do It:
Staying Up Late:
Squad Gets Together:
Her Moves Are Lit:
Surprising Her Sister:
Hold My Beer:
Tubing Down A Dam:
Flying in Rough Winds:
DIY Fishing:
White Men Can Jump:
Can't Stop, Won't Stop:
He's Cheating:
Try and Try Again:
Strong Winds:
Just Hanging Out:
Free Teeth Cleaning:
New Exercise:
I'm Flying Jack:
Think Your Car's Clean?:
He's Prolly Texting:
Nothing But Net:
New Type of Firetruck:
Casual Bike Ride:
New Olympic Sport:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
4:36 what the video

1 week ago
At 7:33 I hope you met my nigga homie Ratatouille I remember the good old days when we played cod and we got lots of streaks I miss him I hope you found him tell him that the homie ghosty says hi.

2 weeks ago

2 months ago
2:17 just gonna send it

2 months ago
2:04 its just funny when she surprised but still put her food to her mouth

2 months ago
legit her moves are lit XD

2 months ago
i thought IT was gonna snatch u guys up

2 months ago
I didn’t see the dog!

2 months ago
I like the dog part lol😅😅😂😂😄😄😀😀😝😝😝😀😀😅😅😂😂😁😁😁

2 months ago
72 dogs at once?

2 months ago
Just chillin not caring what dad says 1:00

2 months ago
The first video of someone of a certain persuasion sucking out the water from a flood, or a automotive detailer. Either way it's funny.

2 months ago
2:04 what happened

4 months ago
Where was the casual bike video recorded?

4 months ago
Who else is really addicted to these?

5 months ago
1:37 Oh god, it's so fat XD

5 months ago
The one channel I always forget i need to turn down the volume or i get deafened in yhe first 5 seconds.

5 months ago
I shall dislike every video i see about the intro


6 months ago

6 months ago

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