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Tosh.0 - Web Redemption - Rifle Kid
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 years ago


"Bill Maher" delves into the politics of a young man who walks around his neighborhood with a rifle and a bulletproof vest.

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19 hours ago
In 2018 this is just as, if not more, relevant then when it originally aired. Wow

1 day ago
Did he say "President Trump" in 2015?

2 days ago
I like Bill Maher, but this is a great critique.

4 days ago
This dude an idiot

5 days ago
Tosh looks like Henry Rollins ...

6 days ago
I'm guessing Andy Kindler doesn't like Bill Maher!

6 days ago
He's definitely a Repub... Send that hooker my way when you're done Bill

6 days ago
He said it wouldn't be safe if everyone had a gun. So what makes him qualified to have one? What makes a person not qualified?

1 week ago
While it's true that guns don't kill people, they make it far easier for a person with bad intentions to kill many more people a lot more easily than if that person didn't have access to one. A child can squeeze a trigger and instantly take out a fully grown man. Police and military are the only people that actually need them. If the government wanted your rights, it would just take them. I'm pretty sure an AR would be completely useless against an apache gunship, 2000lbs smart bomb, drone strike, or a squad of marines with plenty of breach and clear experience. This kid is ridiculous for walking around in the burbs with body armor and magazines for a bolt action rifle saying he's exercising his rights. He's after attention and he got it which just reinforces the bull crap. There's plenty of people that carry every day and don't draw attention to themselves.

2 weeks ago
I've never heard of this comedian. I can see why.

If it wasn't for the laugh track, there would be nothing but silence.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
you had to pull the race card 3:45

2 weeks ago
Did y'all see them stretch marks on them titties?

3 weeks ago
1:29 true af lmao

3 weeks ago
I love how what the hooker said wasn’t even intelligent but she said it because that’s the best the Tosh writers could do to sound intelligent. She didn’t even answer the question that was posed. How do you stop people from illegally getting a gun? I believe that stronger background checks (the black market doesn’t do background checks) and increased funding for mental health (research, care, what?) will substantially reduce gun violence. On a side note, mental health is like the biggest non-sequitur in the gun debate today.

3 weeks ago
Goddamn, that's a shitty Bill Maher impression.

4 weeks ago
We need more good people carrying.

4 weeks ago
He won’t join the military because of allergies 😂😂😂

4 weeks ago
" oh hell yeah"

1 month ago
“My kids are scared” good cause most black women don’t raise kids something needs to keep them in line.

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