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US Future Military Robots - DARPA Boston Dynamics - SKYNET TODAY . PART-1
  Published: 2 years ago


Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company that is best known for the development of BigDog, a quadruped robot designed for the U.S. military with funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and DI-Guy, software for realistic human simulation. Early in the company's history, it worked with the American Systems Corporation under a contract from the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) to replace naval training videos for aircraft launch operations with interactive 3D computer simulations featuring DI-Guy characters. Marc Raibert is the company's president and project manager. He spun the company off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992. On 13 December 2013, the company was acquired by Google X, where it will be managed by Andy Rubin. Immediately before the acquisition, Boston Dynamics transferred their DI-Guy software product line to VT MÄK, a simulation software vendor based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

Boston Dynamics — инженерная компания, специализирующаяся в робототехнике. Известна разработкой по заказу DARPA для военных целей четвероногого робота BigDog. Ранее компания работала по контракту с NAWCTSD над заменой обучающих видеороликов интерактивным компьютерным симулятором. Компания Boston Dynamics была куплена корпорацией Google Inc. в декабре 2013 года.
DARPA (англ. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — агентство передовых оборонных исследовательских проектов) — агентство Министерства обороны США, отвечающее за разработку новых технологий для использования в вооружённых силах. Миссией DARPA является сохранение технологического превосходства вооруженных сил США, предотвращение внезапного для США появления новых технических средств вооруженной борьбы, поддержка прорывных исследований, преодоление разрыва между фундаментальными исследованиями и их применением в военной сфере.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
No robots where harmed in the making of this film

2 days ago
Big dog carries man up beach in bullet proof tube

2 days ago
1st one is a fucking creepy robot.

2 days ago
2020 ///
kill all humans//
engage ////

3 days ago
WTF that sand flea LOL

4 days ago
----------------------What is with this fucking music ?

4 days ago
and robots have not feelings

4 days ago
I don't lyke these new ideas their coming up with.

4 days ago
the robot at 6:38 is a creepy ass robot

that thing scares me just watching it

5 days ago
Now imagine these things having a mind of their own and being self-aware, and not being controlled by humans, but some other highly intelligent entity, like the Skynet in Terminator movies. Humans would be screwed.

5 days ago
We Are Getting There Faster Than i Expected! Love This Stuff.. Although, i Do see many human jobs being replaced in the future.. But That's Life!

5 days ago
Yeah wait until we let quantum computers do the intuitive engineering or controlling AI in robots we built and granted the ''learning''.

5 days ago
Stop landmines

5 days ago
eso robot tipo perro generar mucho ruido si piensa usarlos para transportar equipos para la fuerzas militares de E.E.U.U

7 days ago
Boston Dynamics is going to make all robots

1 week ago
It reminds me of the game of Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet.

1 week ago
WTF that is scary as hell

1 week ago
let it not be that these idiots give these ruthless intuition that the future of those who will be born after us is doomed to detrimental consequences

1 week ago
13:00 PetMan is good for sniper bait.

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