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Inside the President's Mind - The President Show - Comedy Central
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


With the help of Dr. Deepak Chopra, the president takes a deep dive into his own psyche to find out who he really is.

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The President Show airs Thursdays at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

59 minutes ago
What the fuck

9 hours ago
This one is not that funny

16 hours ago
That was art. I'm blown away.

18 hours ago
trippin balls

18 hours ago
pretty profound!

18 hours ago

22 hours ago
psychology 101 ending. pretty good cc

1 day ago
There was nothing funny about this sketch, but I did enjoy it.

1 day ago
Fuck Donald trump

2 days ago
I didnt see the humor in this is was actually rightfully terrifying, wtf are you people smoking at Comedy Central and can you share?

2 days ago
OMG, this stuff is brilliant.
Simply amazing!

2 days ago
this show is taking it way too far guys, i understand you are allowed to cross some boundaries with comedy but... this is starting to be way off

2 days ago
These grow more and more psychedelic with each new entry...

2 days ago
Omg what was that!!!

2 days ago
the accuracy of this sketch makes it more scary, than funny. 😔

2 days ago
That was actually poetic. Thanks Stanley

2 days ago
thanks for ruining space time od… and Stanly kubrick

2 days ago
was the "brain voice"... Optimus Prime?!

2 days ago
Hey Comedy Central come up with something new and GTFO US polities

3 days ago
That is disturbing af.

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